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How to Keep Pests Out for the Holiday Season

During the holidays, you may be welcome many friends and family into your home to celebrate the seasonal cheer. However, if pests are trying to make their way inside your house along with your guests, your holiday could be a little bit more stressful than you planned for. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through having these unwanted holiday crashers! Read on to learn ways to avoid them so your holiday at home can be a little more enjoyable.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Cooking holiday meals at home is a time-honored tradition for many families, however, for pests like ants and other bugs, that little sugar spill or overflowing trash bin are an all-you-can-eat buffet! To keep pests out of your kitchen:

  • Clean up spills when they happen
  • Keep your cooking area tidy
  • Take out the garbage regularly (recycling, too!)
  • Wash your dishes promptly
  • And keep all leftovers properly sealed in airtight containers

Get Your Guest Rooms Ready

Unlike most rooms in your home, your guest room doesn’t see a lot of traffic. While the rest of your home likely has someone in it at least once a week, your guest room (and guest bathroom) might not see a single person for months! That dark environment with lack of traffic is the perfect location for pests like cockroaches and spiders to set up shop. To avoid giving your guests an unwelcome surprise:

  • Thoroughly clean all linens including sheets and towels
  • Vacuum the room, including under the bed and behind furniture
  • Clean cobwebs from corners and closets

Don’t Bring Pests in With Your Holiday Decor

Even if your home is completely pest-free, you could invite some unexpected visitors in with you when you bring your holiday decorations in from storage. Whether you store your decorations outside, in a garage, or inside your home, dark and undisturbed boxes are the perfect hiding place for pests that can pop out when you bring out your decor. To avoid bringing pests into your home with your decorations:

  • Store your decorations in airtight bins
  • Avoid storing in boxes and bags which pests can chew through
  • Check your storage containers thoroughly for pests before bringing them inside
  • Check each decoration and remove any pests you see before setting up your decor

Get Some Professional Help

You have a lot to deal with during the holidays, why deal with your pest control needs, too? Here at Master’s Touch, we offer residential pest control treatments that can remove any existing infestations and keep further infestations out of your home for good. Our pest control treatments will give you the pest-free home you’ve been dreaming of throughout the holiday season and beyond.