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American Cockroach

Do they cause any damage?

They do not cause any structural damage, however they contaminate food and utensils as they forage for food. In this manner they can transmit diseases by carrying the pathogens on the outside of their bodies.  They can be attracted to sweets, grains, hair and soap.

Do I Have An Infestation?

Finding live or dead insects is usually the first indication of a problem. While seldom seen in homes in the northeast, this cockroach is often found in commercial settings such as food processing plants, hospitals, bakeries etc. They prefer warm, moist areas such as boiler rooms, basements and steam tunnels.  They can also be found in sewers and storm drains. If you have ever visited the Carolinas and Gulf States they live outside and are fondly referred to as a ‘Palmetto Bug’.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

Careful inspection is required to determine the location and extent of the infestation. Specialized baits and insecticides can then be applied to infested areas to eliminate the American roaches.

How Can You Help?

Sanitation is important in any cockroach infestation, reducing food sources is a must! Reducing moisture levels, repairing open or broken sewer lines and sealing cracks and crevices (harborages) will help make areas less attractive to them.

More Information

The American cockroach is not a native American species despite its name. It was imported to North America via ships from Africa in the 1600’s.

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