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What are ants?

Ants are the most common pests to find their way onto our West Chester properties. You can easily identify them by their three body segments, narrow waist, short bent antennae, and six legs. Ants like to live with us because our homes and properties offer them an almost constant source of food and water.

an odorous house ant eating a little grain of sugar

Some of the most common ants in our area are the acrobat ant, odorous house ant, and pavement ant:

  • Acrobat ants get their name from the unique way they hold their abdomen up over their head when disturbed.

  • Odorous house ants produce a foul, rotten coconut-like odor when crushed.

  • Pavement ants were named because their preferred nesting sites are in the cracks of pavement. 

Are ants dangerous?

Most of the ants that invade our properties are nuisance ants. Though they aren’t particularly dangerous, they are still unwanted on our properties, especially in our homes.

Ants are social and live together in very large colonies; an ant colony may have several nesting sites, making these pests difficult to control and providing them with the ability to move into our homes in large numbers.

Ants that have found a way into your home introduce the bacteria they carry on their bodies. As ants move around your home, they will contaminate surfaces and food.

Why do I have an ant problem?

Ants can become a problem on any property but are most problematic on properties that offer them multiple areas to forage. Ants have a good sense of smell and odors from trash cans, recycling bins, bowls of pet food, gardens, grills, and outdoor eating areas will attract these pests.

Ants also regularly move into our homes through spaces in the exterior while out searching for food. Worker ants will leave behind a pheromone trail to alert other colony members to the food. Ants are excellent communicators and this is the most significant reason they so quickly take over indoor and outdoor spaces.

Where will I find ants?

Most ants have high moisture needs and are found in areas both inside and outside that meet those needs:

  • Pavement ants nest in the exposed soil in or next to sidewalks, driveways, and foundations. Indoor nesting spots include inside insulation, behind walls voids, and inside masonry walls. 

  • Outside, acrobat ants nest in moist soil under logs, rocks, and woodpiles. Inside houses and other structures, they choose to nest in areas where moisture has caused damage, such as behind wall voids near leaking pipes or in pieces of wood previously damaged by pests like carpenter ants or termites.

  • Odorous house ants nest in moist soil under mulch, fallen trees, woodpiles, or rock piles. Odorous house ants build nests indoors behind wall voids or under floors near moisture and warmth like pipes, sinks, and HVAC units. Like acrobat ants, odorous house ants also like to nest in termite-damaged wood. 

How do I get rid of ants?

Put your trust in Masters Touch Pest Solutions to provide you with the solutions necessary to rid your property of ants. We have over 30 years of local pest control experience, and our highly trained professionals dedicate themselves to protecting people and properties from pests. We will provide you with effective and dependable pest control services to eliminate ants and prevent a re-infestation!

If you live in the West Chester area and need help getting rid of ants, reach out to Masters Touch Pest Solutions to learn more about our residential or commercial pest control options!

How can I prevent ants in the future?

In addition to our home pest control and commercial pest control services, take advantage of the following prevention tips to keep ants out of your yard:

  • Keep ants from easily moving in and out of your home by using caulk to seal cracks in the foundation and exterior walls. Seal spaces around utilities entering into your house and place mesh covers over vents.

  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors.

  • Remove an ant’s easy access to food by keeping lids on trash cans and recycling bins.

  • Keep outdoor eating areas free of food debris.

  • Reduce humidity levels in your home by using dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

  • Repair leaky pipes and clogged gutters that can allow water to pool near your foundation.

  • Replace wood in your home damaged by water.

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