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Do They Cause Damage?

Bats are extremely beneficial in that a single bat can consume as many as 2,000 insects a night. All bats are protected in Pennsylvania and killing them is unlawful. However, they do cause damage through large accumulations of droppings (guano) and strong odors in the area they are roosting. The guano may contain disease organisms that cause histoplasmosis. Bat bugs, which resemble bed bugs can also be found. Bats are a Rabies Vector Species (RVS) and should never be handled! 

Do I Have An Infestation?

In spring, bats return from their Hybernacula (hibernation sites) to establish maternity colonies which often occurs in the soffits, eaves and attics of structures. The females rear their young in the maternity colonies until they are capable of flight and able to feed themselves. You may hear noise in attic spaces around dusk and dawn, or you may find their guano below a roosting sight or entry point

What Can Masters Touch Do?

Bats will return to the same structure year after year. Bats can be excluded from buildings by closing their entry points prior to their return, or by setting up an exclusion device to allow them to leave and not be able to return to the colony site. Timing is critical, as maternity colonies cannot be disturbed when young are present, usually May 1st through August 1st.

How Can You Help?

If you suspect a bat colony has taken up residence in your home, call for an inspection. Watching the area from ½ hour before to ½ hour after sunset to look for bats leaving to forage for food can aid us in determining the proper course of action. Screening vents, repairing rotting or damaged fascia and soffits in the winter can help prevent bat entry the following spring

More Information

Nothing will wake you up quite like a bat flying around the inside of your home! Many of us have had this ‘exciting’ experience. Calls about bats in the house usually occur in the mid to late summer as the juvenile bats are finally out feeding themselves. Should this happen to you, try to contain the Bat to a room or area, open windows or doors in that area, stand with your back against a wall and watch the bat until it locates the opening and flies out. This generally takes about 15-20 minutes.

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