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Bed Bugs

Do They Cause Damage?

While Bed bugs are not implicated in the transmission of diseases, having them feed on you at night is a bit unnerving! Their fecal material (digested blood) will stain bedding and linens. Heavy infestations can also be accompanied by a musty odor. While very rare, bites can cause an allergic reaction in hypersensitive individuals. 

Do I Have An Infestation?

Signs of a bed bug infestation can include welts from the bites (note: some people will have no reaction to bed bug bites), finding live insects, and black fecal stains (looks like a mark made by a Sharpie) on seams of mattresses and box springs, and wooden bed slats.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

Treatment for bed bugs is tedious and time consuming! All potential hiding places must be inspected and treated. Successful bed bug control requires a thorough understanding of the insect and its habits and is best left to the Professionals. Home remedies and “Bed Bug Kits” are seldom effective mostly due to the user’s lack of expertise and experience.

How Can You Help?

Bed bugs are nocturnal, so if you suspect you have them, inspect at night to look for active insects on or around the bed. They will hide in cracks and crevices of the bed and frame during the day. The box spring is usually where most are found so check along the edge of the dust cover on the bottom.

More Information

Bed Bugs have been around since the dawn of mankind. Once quite prevalent, bed bugs were largely eradicated in the U.S. after the Second World War. Changes in pesticide formulations, application techniques and the general global nature of today’s society may have contributed to the recent upsurge in bed bug activity.

Bed Bugs are hitchhikers. They do not come into your home from outside. They are easily transported from one location to another by their primary host, people. Most bed bug infestations are found in the areas in which we sleep. Their activity cycle has adapted to coincide with our sleep cycle so they can feed unmolested. They do not live on our bodies, but feed and return to hiding places in bedding, beds, box springs, furniture, boxes, luggage, electronics, clutter and just about anywhere they can find a spot. All it takes is an overnight stay at an infested home or hotel room to bring them home with you. You can also bring them in with an infested piece of furniture!

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