All The Ways You Attract West Chester's Mosquitoes

July 14, 2021

Even though you may not want mosquitoes to come to you, you may be drawing them in. People often inadvertently attract mosquitoes and then wonder why they're being attacked. If you don't want to be a target for West Chester, PA mosquitoes, you need to understand what attracts them and how you can make yourself less appealing to these annoying pests. 

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A Word Of Warning

Before you start learning how you could be attracting mosquitoes in West Chester, it's important to understand why you should avoid these pests. Most people think of mosquitoes as a nuisance, but they're much more than that. In addition to being a constant annoyance, mosquitoes are downright dangerous.

If you go to almost any country in the world, mosquitoes have a bad reputation. They can spread serious diseases, some of which are fatal. As more and more mosquitoes bite you, the risk of you catching the Zika virus, malaria, or another disease increases.

In addition to spreading diseases, mosquitoes can cause secondary infections. Once bacteria get into a scratched mosquito bite, an infection can develop. An untreated infection could result in extreme health complications.

What Is Attracting Mosquitoes?

If mosquitoes are on your property, there's a reason for it. Here are a few common reasons mosquitoes end up on West Chester properties:

  • People Are Around: Female mosquitoes need blood to survive, which means you could be a target. While mosquitoes seek out any blood, they particularly like certain types of people. People with type O blood are highly appealing to mosquitoes, as are pregnant women.

If you enjoy an alcoholic drink once in a while, you could also appeal to these pests. Some studies have shown that mosquitoes gravitate towards individuals who have been drinking alcohol. With that said, mosquitoes don't hesitate to bite people regardless of their alcohol intake.

  • Moisture Is Around: If you have high humidity in your yard or home, you can count on mosquitoes to be present. Ponds, lakes, and puddles attract mosquitoes. Likewise, areas with plenty of vegetation have high humidity levels that act as a beacon to these pests.

One of the keys to keeping mosquitoes away is clearing the excess vegetation from your yard. It's also useful to remove all sources of stagnant water. If you have any drainage issues or leaks in your plumbing, have someone repair them.

  • Nectar Is Abundant: While the female mosquitoes use human and animal blood for nutrition, the males need nectar. When a yard is full of flowers, it's also full of mosquitoes. Try to keep your flowers as far away from your home as possible, or avoid having flowers altogether.

Tips For Mosquito Prevention

If you want to be safe from mosquitoes, avoid attracting mosquitoes to your yard. But there are a few other steps you can take to protect yourself. For instance, mosquitoes may not be as likely to bite you if you wear long pants and sleeves. You can also avoid going outside during dusk and dawn because mosquitoes are most active during these hours. When you do go outside, wear an effective bug spray. Avoid using ineffective methods of mosquito control, such as citronella candles and essential oils.

Call The Professionals

If you want to keep mosquitoes away, consider calling us at Masters Touch Pest Solutions. Our professionals provide ongoing mosquito control using the most effective methods. We use a customized approach to determine and address the issues attracting mosquitoes to your property. Don't handle mosquito control on your own. Let our experienced technicians help you. If you're interested in learning more or want to take action, call us today. 

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