Are Earwigs In West Chester, PA Harmful To Humans?

July 28, 2021

An earwig is one of the most strange pests in West Chester, PA. With pointed appendages and an almost slimy-looking body, earwigs have an intimidating appearance. But most people are uncertain whether or not earwigs can cause harm to humans. Before you have an earwig encounter, learn more about the dangers of these insects.

an up close image of an earwig crawling

What Are Earwigs?

Almost everyone has seen an earwig at some point in their life. These flat insects look a little like silverfish but are black and brown. Unlike silverfish, earwigs have pincer-like appendages on their bodies. They look like they could deliver a nasty pinch, but looks are deceiving. When threatened, earwigs use their pincers for a display more than anything else.

Although they vary in size, earwigs range from ¼ inch to 1 ¼ inch long. A good portion of their lengths comes from the pincers. These bugs have wings, but you can't really see them, and they don't often fly.

When outside, earwigs like to hide in moist environments. They might be under a leaf pile or stone. Inside your home, earwigs may be under your bathroom sink or in your basement. These West Chester pests eat moss, decaying material, and other insects. 

Can Earwigs Hurt You?

For the most part, earwigs are only a nuisance creature. They look menacing but can't use their pincers to hurt you. If you threaten an earwig, it will probably just run away. Earwigs are timid insects that don't want anything to do with you.

The name "earwig" comes from an old wives tale saying earwigs crawl into ears and infect the brain. If you think this sounds like something out of a horror movie, you're not wrong. This is fiction, and earwigs are no more likely to crawl into your ear than any other pest in West Chester.

With all that said, you probably don't want earwigs hanging out in your home. No one likes unwanted guests, regardless of their level of danger. So, even though earwigs are harmless, you probably want to take steps to keep them away from your property.

Earwig Prevention Tips

Once earwigs enter a home, they are difficult to evict. Earwigs usually have plenty of food and moisture inside homes, which makes them reluctant to leave. Your best bet is to focus on earwig prevention to avoid an infestation. With these tips, you may be able to keep earwigs outside where they belong:

  • Fix Leaks: A leaky sink might seem like a minor inconvenience, but it could be the cause of your pest problems. If you have any leaky plumbing inside or outside of your home, hire a plumber and get it immediately repaired. Doing so will make your property less appealing to earwigs.
  • Address Drainage Issues: If you have any problems with drainage, you’re likely to have earwigs. Clear out your gutters as needed and make sure they don't drain into a puddle. If you have proper drainage, you can reduce moisture around your home.
  • Use Dehumidifiers Or Vents: In certain areas of the home, high humidity is inevitable. You can combat this by using dehumidifiers or vents. In addition to keeping earwigs out, your efforts will also reduce the chance of water damage.

Rely On Professionals

For the best results, count on us at Masters Touch Pest Solutions. We offer comprehensive pest control solutions, including earwig prevention and elimination. Our trained staff is equipped with the best tools for the job, and they're ready to get to work. Whenever you need help, we're available. To learn more about earwig prevention, give us a call now. 

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