Are Paper Wasps Something For West Chester Residents To Worry About?

July 29, 2022

We’re already entering the last two months of summer, and we all want to use our time wisely. The last thing anyone wants is Mother Nature to burden their property with unforeseen infestations. Unfortunately, stinging insects are most active in the latter months of summer, and the West Chester pest control experts at Masters Touch Pest Solutions are on the lookout for paper wasps. 

paper wasp in tree outside

What Do Paper Wasps Look Like?

Paper wasps get their name from the materials they use to build their nest. They use wood fibers and saliva to make pulp for hive construction. These insects are social and enjoy warm temperatures, so they tend to be active during the day. Two types of paper wasps in Pennsylvania are the northern paper wasp and the invasive European paper wasp, which became a common American wasp in the 1980s. Paper wasps in Pennsylvania:

  • Are brown to light red in color, or yellow and black like yellow jackets
  • Have thin bodies
  • Have six thin, jointed legs
  • Have kernel-shaped vertical heads
  • Have two antennae
  • Have long up-slanted wings

Since the European species is a black and yellow wasp, some people confuse them with yellow jackets. The originally indigenous northern paper wasp is brown or light red. 

How Dangerous Are Paper Wasps?

Paper wasps are one of the least aggressive in comparison to all types of wasps in West Chester; however, they are extremely protective of their hives. If you get near their home, they will sting in groups. The dangers of paper wasps are:

  • They can and will sting multiple times.
  • Their sting can be lethal if you have an allergy.
  • They will swarm if you threaten their hive.

The best way to deal with a paper wasp hive is to avoid it, and even more important is to prevent them altogether. 

Five Paper Wasp Prevention Tips

Paper wasps will try to set up hives if they find a suitable location. And once they’ve established a home, they won’t relinquish it easily. Tips for paper wasp prevention include:

  • Get rid of food sources like spills, pet food, fruits, and berries. 
  • Install intact screens on doors and windows, and keep them flush against frames.
  • Keep plants that repel wasps like marigolds, geraniums, basil, mint, and wormwood.
  • Actively investigate prime nest locations, such as the garage, sheds, under porches, and spaces between walls.
  • Use trash cans with tightly sealed lids, and keep compost heaps covered.

If you spot a hive in the making, contact pest control professionals to handle the nest safely and effectively. 

The Safest Form Of Wasp Control

Once a hive gets too large to deal with, there are few options to handle them. Any attack against them will incite fierce swarms on the defense, and they don’t relent when they feel threatened. In addition, these insects are helpful to the ecosystem, so obliterating a hive can be a bad idea on a whole other level. The best solution is gentle removal and relocation.

For gentle wasp removal, professionals will:

  • Locate the hive.
  • Clear the area.
  • Remove the hive. 
  • Relocate it to a predetermined destination.
  • Ensure there is no reason for any past wasps to return. 

At Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we have been dealing with every form of West Chester infestation. We have the equipment, know-how, and skillset for paper wasp nest removal. After relocation, we also make sure the hive won’t return, nor any of its prior tenants. Call us today for a free inspection.

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