Carpenter Bees In West Chester: The Ultimate Prevention And Control Guide

July 7, 2023

Each year across the United States, wood-destroying insects cause damage to thousands of properties. Wood-destroying insects feed on wood or burrow through the wood to form nests. Among the most common types found in this region include old house borers, termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees. Carpenter bees (Xylocopa virginica) are a solitary species that appear similar to bumble bees.

Are you wondering how to deal with carpenter bees on your property? A trained West Chester pest control professional knows how to remove carpenter bees from the premises quickly and effectively.

a carpenter bee on wood

Carpenter Bees: Habits And Behaviors

What is typical carpenter bee behavior?  Data from the Master Gardeners at the Pennsylvania State University explains that homeowners often notice bees flying beneath eaves and misidentify these carpenter bees as bumble bees. There is a misconception that carpenter bees eat wood. In reality, these pests simply burrow through wood structures to create locations to place their eggs and nourish their young.

Carpenter bees in West Chester primarily target older or bare wood. The most common areas where carpenter bees will enter include wooden outdoor furniture, wood shingles, decks, fences, eaves, railing, and more.

What does a carpenter bee nest look like? The entry point usually appears round and measures roughly half an inch in diameter. They typically form a hole used for entry against the grain of the wood. After penetrating the exterior, carpenter bees begin tunneling at right angles. In many cases, carpenter bees will enter and expand old, existing tunnels.

During the winter months, some male and female carpenter bees hibernate within their wood tunnels until the spring mating season. Female carpenter bees feed their young (larvae) a mixture of pollen and nectar. After depositing an egg, females place a supply of this food mixture nearby.

Females commonly create multiple chambers for depositing eggs. After reaching adulthood, the young carpenter bees will emerge—typically in the late summer.

Carpenter Bees Will Only Sting If Provoked

Although male carpenter bees often behave more aggressively, only female carpenter bees can sting. Males are known for approaching people and other creatures if they approach the area of their nest. Most of those who endure a sting from a female carpenter bee experience sharp pain; however, unless you have allergies, the symptoms are typically mild. Carpenter bees generally may create minor to moderate property damage and are a nuisance pest.

Natural Ways To Prevent Carpenter Bees Around The Yard And Home

Are you a homeowner looking for answers regarding how to prevent carpenter bees from creating damage on your property?

Some of the most effective strategies include:

  • If cracks or crevices develop on the exterior of the structure, fill them with caulk or sealant.
  • Coat untreated wood with varnish or stain.
  • Limit unnecessary wood debris from the property's exterior, such as fallen trees.
  • Research suggests that citrus, tea tree, and lemon oil are natural repellents.

While these preventative measures are generally effective, those with an existing problem with carpenter bees should speak with a West Chester stinging insect control professional.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees

Are you noticing troublesome carpenter bees around your West Chester home? In these instances, property owners are generally encouraged to have an inspection performed by a pest management professional.

Masters Touch Pest Solutions employs a qualified team of pest management professionals that understand carpenter bee behavior.  Our staff has years of experience with removing carpenter bees or many of the other common stinging insects found here locally. The staff has tremendous resources at their disposal such as the latest personal protective equipment that is critical when performing work of this nature.

For comprehensive pest-related solutions and superior customer service, contact our office today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in West Chester.

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