Commonly Asked Questions About The Bees In West Chester

July 25, 2022

Everyone loves the summer greenery here in Pennsylvania. What some of us don’t realize is that it takes a lot of work to keep our cities so lush. We’re talking about bees, which are busy pollinating in spring and summer. The West Chester pest control experts at Masters Touch Pest Solutions know these natural cultivators aren’t always seen as helpful, so we’re here to answer some popular questions.

carpenter bee on blossom

What Types Of Bees Are In West Chester?

Bees are more diverse than some realize. There are six families and more than 400 species in Pennsylvania alone. The easiest way to categorize them is by their similar habits. 

  • Ground bees: Ground bees tend to be solitary. They can sometimes live in aggregates, or groups of females underground.
  • Wood bees: These bees can burrow into wood, like carpenter bees. 
  • Social hive bees: Bees that create large hives are common, too. European honey bees and bumble bees are everywhere in Pennsylvania. 

Is It True Bees Can Only Sting Once?

The idea that bees can only sting once is true for honey bees. These species have hooks on their stinger, making them sever their abdomen if it latches to the skin. Other bees can sting multiple times without any repercussion. These pollinators will become aggressive if you threaten their homes and hives. It’s important to know how to control bees under your deck, in your yards, or even in your home.

What’s The Best Way To Remove Bees?

Bees are major players in the ecosystem. The lovely flowers that adorn our gardens rely on these insects for pollination. As well, many larger, friendly animals rely on these bees as food. It’s best not to try and kill these insects, as their loss can affect the local ecosystem.

The most popular practice for removing bees is to gently remove their hives. Attacking a hive can mean serious injury or death if you’re allergic. Eradicating bees also deprives the ecosystem. Can pest control get rid of bees in West Chester? You bet. If you have a hive on your property, we at Masters Touch Pest Solutions will relocate it for you. Some bees nest in the ground. In that case, we can also relocate them, or you can make some efforts to get rid of them. 

How to control ground bees in your yard:

  • Block holes with bricks or rocks.
  • Water your lawn frequently.
  • Use mulch to keep your soil moist.

Ground bees look for dry soil to dig into because tunnels are easier to sustain. We want to remind you to be careful if you are going to block their nesting holes. This will make them protect themselves. And it is worth noting that most ground bees are docile. Some species don’t sting at all.

Is There A Way To Deter Bees?

Bees look for shelter opportunities, scents, or vegetation when they want to build their hives. They will set up a hive if they smell old honeycomb from prior hives, or if they find quiet places like unused appliances or equipment. 

How to control bees in backyard and home areas:

  • Naturally deter them with citronella, cinnamon, garlic, and vinegar sprays or aromas.
  • Keep plants that repel bees like pitcher plants.
  • Water your lawn often to keep out ground bees.

In some cases, even if you know how to control bees in your yard, they’ll still build their hive. If you have one on your property, contact us at Masters Touch Pest Solutions. We’ve been providing infallible eco-friendly solutions tailored to our customers’ needs since 1991. We’re confident we’ll give you the best bee control near you. Call us and schedule an immediate free estimate today.

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