Does My West Chester Home Have Termites?

June 10, 2022

When it comes to termites, you rarely ever see active termites. You usually will see the signs of termites first. 

Maybe your floor squeaks in certain areas of your home, and you blame it on the house ‘settling.’ Or your drywall is crumbling, and you say that it’s old and it’s simply time for new drywall. All of these incidents could result from your house settling or a need for new drywall, but you have to ask yourself if your home has always been like that or is it something new. With signs like that, you can’t rule out evidence of termites.

Recommendations for termite home inspections are at least once a year. If you begin noticing signs of damage or live in an area with moist climates, your home is at a higher termite risk and may require a termite control program. Contact your local West Chester pest control to check out your options.

a termite crawling on rotten wood

How Termites Threaten West Chester Homes

Termites are known as ‘silent destroyers’ because they can easily enter your home and compromise its structural integrity within three months of infestation and without you knowing it. In fact, according to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause over $5 billion a year in termite damages.

They cause cosmetic damage to your home, making your humble abode unsightly, depending on where the damage is. But more importantly, these wood-destroying pests also cause structural damage, the most expensive areas to repair. Termites can ruin support beams, wall studs, floor and ceiling joists, the foundation, and other wood in your home.

You need to call your local West Chester pest control if you even suspect termite damage.

How To Tell If Your Home Has A Termite Infestation

What you need to understand about termites and the damage they cause is that it’s not an overnight ordeal. For example, a termite colony of about 60,000 would take five months to eat a two-by-four piece of wood. Sure, that’s not a huge amount when compared to an entire house, but termites destroy slowly and over time. Fortunately, with your vigilant eye, you’ll be able to spot signs of termite damage if you know what to look for:

  • Termite swarmers near your home (the reproductive caste of termites)
  • Termite droppings (they resemble coffee grounds or sawdust)
  • Mud tubes (the narrow tunnels used to travel to and from their nest)
  • Damaged floors that look like blisters on your foot (can resemble water damage)

These are all signs of termite damage that you can easily recognize through your own inspection. Still, you need to have professionals for your initial review to determine if you have a termite infestation.

Why Professional Treatment For Termites Is A Must

To completely eradicate termites in your home, you need to enlist the services of termite control professionals. Not only will you not know where to look for these destructive pests, but if you do find them, the moment you disturb them, they will move into survival mode. They will move to a completely different location within your home to build a new colony site. Calling professionals is the only safe and most effective way to eradicate termites from your home.

Why Call Masters Touch Pest Solutions For Expert Termite Control

At Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we uphold our pest-free guarantee. With our commitment to excellence and innovative treatment technologies, we provide all customers high-quality service that protects their homes and families. To eradicate termites and keep them from returning, give us a call today to set up your inspection.

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