Guide To Indian Meal Moths That Everyone In West Chester, PA Should Read

March 1, 2023

Different house pests bring different challenges and problems, and all of them have different habits and behaviors. One of the common moth pests that West Chester homeowners have to face is Indian meal moths. These pests do not sting or bite, nor are they associated with the spread of diseases. They are very bothersome, however. Indian meal moths go straight for the food in your cupboard, and once a meal moth infestation begins, it can be quite difficult to eliminate.

If you discover an Indian moth infestation in your home, Masters Touch Pest Solutions is the West Chester pest control company you should call. We can help you get rid of moth infestations. 

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What Are Indian Meal Moths?

Indian meal moths are one of the most common varieties of what is known as pantry pests. They have a larval phase, which looks like pale, white worms with brown heads. A moth in the adult, reproductive phase is half-an-inch long and reddish-brown in color. Larval worms are the ones most often found in food stores, and contaminate everything that they can get into. Adult moths can often be found flying around in kitchens and other areas where food is stored. While moth caterpillars in food is an obvious sign of a meal moth infestation, seeing adult moths fluttering around food storage areas is a definite sign as well.

Don’t let Indian meal moths infest your home and ruin your food stores. Masters Touch Pest Solutions professionals know how to get rid of moth infestations.

Are Indian Meal Moths Dangerous?

Thankfully, Indian meal moths are not dangerous in the classical sense. They do not sting or bite, and they do not spread diseases. What they are particularly good at doing, however, is infesting your food stores. Mealworm infestations rarely stay confined to one area. Instead, they can infest many different things in your pantry in short order.

This can lead to massive losses of food stores before you even know that you have an infestation. Worse, Indian meal moth eggs are very difficult to detect and can lead to a reemergence of moths even if you think that you have an infestation under control. 

Meal moths can contaminate your food stores and cost you time and money. Masters Touch Pest Solutions understands this, and we are ready to help you. 

Indian Meal Moth Prevention Tips Worth Trying

Prevention of Indian meal moths is definitely superior to trying to eliminate an infestation. Here are some tips to help you decrease the potential of meal moth infestations:

  • Carefully inspect all bulk food purchases as you gather them at the store.
  • Once home, reinspect all food purchases as you move them into storage containers.
  • Do not store bulk food in plastic bags. Worms can eat through them.
  • Instead, store bulk food in air-tight plastic or glass containers. 
  • Mason jars with lids are perfect storage containers, also allowing easy inspections.
  • Check food stores often to ensure that infestations are identified early.

These tips can help decrease the chances that you will encounter Indian meal moths in your home, but meal moth eggs are very small and easy to miss. If you discover Indian meal moths in your home and food stores, call Masters Touch Pest Solutions immediately. The sooner we start helping you, the sooner meal moth infestations can be eliminated.

Why Everyone In West Chester, PA Should Buy Professional Pest Control

Indian meal moth infestations are difficult to detect early on, and they progress fast. By the time you see the problem, the infestation has usually grown and expanded through your food stores. Instead of trying to take the problem on yourself, contact Masters Touch Pest Solutions. We have an extended history of successfully treating meal moth infestations, and we want to continue that tradition with you.

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