The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees In West Chester

March 4, 2022

There are many creatures that live here in West Chester that are misunderstood. One you should know about is the carpenter bee. Now, we are not saying that these pests are not a problem, just that the problems they cause may not be what you think. To help you better understand carpenter bees, we are going to be explaining these pests for you today and providing some effective ways to keep them off your West Chester property.

a carpenter bee in a tree

What Are Carpenter Bees In West Chester?

Have you ever wondered, what are carpenter bees? They look a bit different than honey bees and don’t live with other members of their species, except for their own carpenter bee babies. What is even more different is where these pests build their nests. Unlike honey bees that live in large social colonies, carpenter bees bore out their homes in the side of wood. This wood can be on the side of a fallen tree or around your home. If you are asking: what does a carpenter bee look like? they are similar to honey bees but have smooth black abdomens and a black spot on the middle of their backs. 

What Attracts Carpenter Bees To West Chester Homes?

Carpenter bees are like other bees in that they mainly eat plant pollen and nectar. If your property has an excess of flowers and budding plants, these pests will want to be nearby. The same is true if you regularly eat outside and leave out sweet beverages or have hummingbird feeders. 

Another thing carpenter bees need to settle down is a source of untreated, weathered wood. As homes and outbuildings age, their paint chips, their wood dries out, and other factors make them more susceptible to carpenter bee tunnels. If this is true for buildings on your property, expect to have problems with these pests.

Are Carpenter Bees Dangerous In West Chester?

There are two things you should know about carpenter bees. The first is that they can sting more than once, unlike honey bees. The second thing is that they are among the least aggressive stinging insects in our area. They still have venom and can cause pain, but you do not have to worry about carpenter bees in West Chester going out of their way to hurt you. 

Prevention Tips For Carpenter Bees In West Chester

If you are here today looking for how to prevent carpenter bees, you are in the right place. Here are a few strategies to help you deter these pests from settling down on your property. 

  • Pick up fruits, berries, and other sweet foods that drop into your yard.
  • Keep sweat beverages covered when eating outdoors.
  • Consider removing flowers and other budding plants from your property.
  • Retreat and paint weathered wood around your home and outbuildings.
  • Remove untreated timber from your property.

Keep Your West Chester Home Carpenter Bee-Free

If you have been noticing carpenter bees on your West Chester property you should get a pest control professional involved. At Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we provide quick and effective options to remove carpenter bees and other pests from properties. We also offer a range of other services to help homeowners like you keep away a large range of invasive species. We customize our services; what we do all depends on what you need.

Contact our team today to talk to one of our highly trained and friendly services representatives. We will walk you through our options and schedule an appointment for you and your West Chester home.

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