How And Why Silverfish Get Inside Your Home And How To Keep Them Out

September 30, 2022

Have you ever put on a shirt and found tiny holes in it? If you don’t work outdoors or do activities that lead to clothing damage, seeing these holes might be a bit confusing. Where did they come from? Were they caused by an insect? Today we will be talking about one local insect that loves to nibble on clothing and other items indoors. They are called silverfish.

Here is what you should know about silverfish in Pennsylvania, such as the problems they cause indoors and what methods work best to get and keep these pests out. If you need an immediate solution to pest problems indoors, skip over to our Contact Us page. Our team at Masters Touch Pest Solutions will find out what pests are causing trouble indoors and offer a fast and effective solution to deal with your issues.

silverfish crawling in bathroom

How To Identify A Silverfish

The silverfish is a local pest that loves to invade local structures to find food, moisture, and shelter. Identify an adult silverfish by its ¾” long, silver or brown body, two straight antennae, and the three bristle-like tails that protrude from its rear.  This fish-shaped insect loves to take shelter inside plush carpets, gaps and cracks between floorboards, and other secluded areas indoors. If you suspect you have an active silverfish infestation, check these areas first. If you are having trouble spotting these bugs indoors but notice damage to your clothing, carpets, and other fabric-based items indoors, have one of our technicians pay your home a visit. They will check for other harder-to-see signs of silverfish and help you assess your risk. 

The Issue With Silverfish Creeping Around Your Home

Silverfish are not dangerous insects unless you consider holes through your clothing an affront to your personal health. These small invaders cause the biggest problems when they are allowed to nibble on fabrics indoors. Silverfish also love to nibble on books and book glue. They are a big reason why many old manuscripts are kept in bug-free areas. One way to avoid silverfish damage is to keep an eye out for these pests indoors and deal with infestations as soon as you notice problems. 

Factors That Attract Silverfish Into Your Home

Most pests invade homes to find food, moisture, and shelter. Silverfish are no different. They do not like it when conditions outdoors are unfavorable to their health and will do anything to stay safe, happy, and well-fed. This usually drives them to invade area homes. The only things these pests need is a way inside. Sometimes silverfish get indoors by crawling through gaps, cracks, and other openings. Other times they hide in storage boxes and let homeowners carry them inside during the holidays and other special occasions. 

The trick to keep tiny silverfish out of your home is to invest in some form of pest prevention. One great method many homeowners around Downingtown use is DIY general pest control. Here are six silverfish prevention tips to help reduce your chances of finding silverfish indoors.

  1. Identify holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation. Use a caulking gun or some liquid cement to seal up these potential entry points.
  2. Make sure all of your exterior doors have weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  3. Repair or replace screens that are ripped or otherwise damaged around your home.
  4. Check boxes, used furniture, and other items for silverfish before bringing them into your home.
  5. Store leftovers, pet food, and pantry items inside sealable containers.
  6. Keep your living areas clean and address food messes and drink spills when they occur indoors.

Although helpful, DIY will not guarantee that silverfish and other pests stay out of your home. If you are looking for an easy long-term option to control pests, you should consider investing in professional pest control in Downingtown.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Silverfish In Your Home

When it comes to preventing pests, you will find no one better for the job than Masters Touch Pest Solutions. Our team of highly trained and dedicated technicians is committed to you. They will inspect your living areas, identify existing pest problems, and suggest some short and long-term treatments to mitigate the issues you are having. 

Contact us today and discuss your options with one of our friendly service representatives. They will answer any questions you have, walk you through our comprehensive services, and help you schedule an appointment for your Downingtown home and property.

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