How Can I Prevent Mosquitoes Around My West Chester Home?

June 20, 2022

Did you know that it isn’t just mosquitoes that bite you? It’s female mosquitoes that bite you. Most people think that all mosquitoes bite, and they don’t, only females. They bite because they need the protein and amino acid from their hosts (humans and animals) to produce healthy eggs. So think of our blood like prenatal vitamins for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes don’t just come to your house; they come because your house presents conducive breeding grounds. Everything from pools and shady areas to clogged gutters and anything that retains water will make your home a favorite spot.

Fortunately, we at Masters Touch Pest Solutions are your top pest control In West Chester and are here to help safeguard you and your family from blood-hungry mosquitoes.

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What Attracts Mosquitoes To West Chester Properties?

You may have the most beautiful home in your neighborhood, but that doesn’t faze mosquitoes. Water and shady areas around your home are attractants, the perfect breeding grounds for female mosquitoes. They lay their eggs on the walls of wet areas, and when covered by water, they will hatch and continue the lifecycle into adulthood.

Tall grasses or trees that create shaded areas around your home are also conducive environments for mosquitoes to gather or rest after a hard day’s work of eating blood meals and flower nectar.

By understanding what attracts mosquitoes to homes, you can better implement prevention methods to keep them away.

How Can I Protect Myself Against Mosquitoes?

Education about mosquitoes goes a long way in protecting yourself. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to protect yourself against mosquitoes based on their behaviors:

  • Use Insect Repellant: A particular blood type mosquitoes like is type O. If you have that blood type, mosquitoes are very attracted to you. But regardless of your blood type, applying and reapplying insect repellant per directions when outdoors will protect you.
  • Keep Exposed Skin Minimal: Mosquitoes love blood so when you’re outdoors, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, socks, and shoes. Tuck your pants inside your socks for extra coverage against mosquito bites.
  • Reduce Moisture: Areas in your yard with lots of vegetation or standing water are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

These ways can protect you against mosquitoes and not disrupt your daily life. In addition to mosquito control services with Masters Touch Pest Solutions, these tips are the best way to get rid of mosquitoes.

Why Professional Mosquito Control Is Worth It

Mosquitoes are vectors of many diseases. In fact, according to The American Mosquito Control Association, mosquitoes kill more than 1 million people from mosquito-borne diseases annually. That reason alone is why professional mosquito control is so important.

Not only do professionals have the proper protective gear and equipment to shield themselves from harmful bites, but they also know the ideal breeding environments for mosquitoes. They will pinpoint those areas to eliminate the mosquitoes in your yard effectively.

Call Masters Touch Pest Solutions For Comprehensive Mosquito Control In West Chester

At Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we guarantee our quality pest control solutions. It’s no secret that West Chester has a mosquito problem, especially during the warmer months. Achieving top ratings for our fast response, safer solutions, and award-winning service, you can rest assured that once we treat your home for mosquitoes, you won’t see them again. 

Give us a call today before your mosquito problem becomes an infestation.

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