How Can I Protect My Chester Springs Home From Termites?

December 19, 2022

 A home is a precious thing. Some people spend half their lives paying off their homes. With that much money invested, it is easy to become a bit protective of things like furniture, paint, and interior features. One thing that might damage these features is termites. These local insects devour wood and are a huge problem. To help you better understand termites and the ways you can defend your Chester Springs home against these pests, here are some things to consider today. For immediate help dealing with an infestation inside your home, call Masters Touch Pest Solutions. We are a local provider that offers advanced options for pest control in Chester Springs. 

termites on wood

What Does A Termite Infestation Look Like?

Termites are actively reclusive pests. They do not spend their time crawling through living areas. They rarely come above ground in the first place. When infestations start, living with termites is not much different from living alone. It isn’t until months or years after these pests get indoors that obvious signs of infestation present themselves. These signs include visible water damage, tight-fitting doors and windows, overly squeaky floorboards, and obvious damage to wooden structures. 

Did you know that termites sometimes make noise? It’s true. These local insects sometimes make a soft clicking sound inside the wood of homes. This sound is not loud enough for you to hear when walking around. You have to put your ear right up to an infested piece of wood to hear it. Keeping this in mind, if you want to identify termites early, you need to bring in a professional for a thorough pest inspection.

How Quickly Can Termites Destroy A House?

There is no denying that termites are destructive pests. These local insects severely damage homes and cost property owners in the United States many millions of dollars each year. The truth is, most of this damage does not happen overnight. It takes termites months if not years to severely damage a property. If these pests were easy to identify, this would not be a problem. They are not, however, easy to identify! If you were to walk through a home that has a fresh termite infestation you would never know they were around. Wait a year, and signs of infestation will become a little more noticeable. Common signs of termites, when they have been eating away at a structure for a long time, can include bubbling wallpaper/paint, overly squeaky floorboards, moisture spots, visible galley ways in structural wood, sagging floors, and buckling beams. We highly recommend scheduling your home for a yearly wood-destroying insect report. This is the best way to detect problems before termites leave your wallet empty. 

Is It Possible To Naturally Prevent Termite Infestations?

If there are active termites inside your home, there are no good natural options to remove these pests. Preventing an infestation in the first place, however, is a much easier task. What you need to know is that these pests love water-damaged wood. Keeping this in mind, here are some naturally effective ways to prevent a termite problem.

  • Pick up leaves, sticks, wet cardboard, and newspapers from your yard.
  • Address moisture build-up in and around your home and address factors that might lead to build-up in the future like leaky piping and broken gutters.
  • Repair or replace structural wood inside your home that is water-damaged or softened by other things like rot or decay.
  • Remove fallen trees and dead stumps from your property. While doing this, check them for termites to see if there is an active nest nearby.
  • Use a dehumidifier inside your home to keep moisture levels to a minimum.

Although helpful, these tips will not guarantee that termites will stay out of your home. In order to protect your investments, consider hiring our team at Masters Touch Pest Solutions for some long-term termite control options. 

What's The Best Way To Protect My Home From Termites?

If you want an easy and effective option to protect your home against termites, you need professional help. We offer professional termite control plans at Masters Touch Pest Solutions. Our team of licensed technicians understands how these pests damage homes and have the advanced equipment and treatments to identify, prevent, and eliminate infestations. All you have to do is set up an initial service visit. Your visiting technician will walk you through our process and get you on a path to total protection.

Contact Masters Touch Pest Solutions now to learn more or to schedule your Chester Springs home for a termite treatment.

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