How Dangerous Are The Ticks In West Chester?

March 4, 2021

If you’ve ever had to pick blood-filled bugs off of your pet, you know how nasty ticks can be. Whether you're hiking through the deep woods or walking in your own backyard, these pests can be encountered anywhere with vegetation and warm-blooded hosts to feed on. You’ve probably heard that ticks can transmit some harmful diseases, but just how dangerous are the ticks in West Chester?

dog tick up close

About Ticks In West Chester

There are a few common types of ticks that you're likely to find in West Chester. They include:

  • American Dog Ticks: As you can guess, these ticks prefer to feed on dogs. American dog ticks have flat bodies, are brown in color with white patterning, and typically measure 3/16 inch in length.

  • Blacklegged Ticks: Also known as deer ticks, these pests have an orangey-brown colored body with dark legs. They are soft-shelled and range in size from 1/16 to 1/8 inches in length.

  • Lone Star Ticks: These pests take their name from the solitary silvery dot that appears on females of the species. Lone star ticks are particularly likely to bite humans. They measure between 1/6 and 1/4 inches in length and are reddish-brown in color.

Ticks vary in appearance from species to species, but they engage in similar behaviors. They tend to lay in wait on branches, leaves, and blades of grass until a worthy victim passes by. Ticks will hitchhike with you or your pets back to your property. 

About Tick Bites

Unlike bed bugs and mosquitoes, ticks will latch on to their hosts and continue to feed for days until fully engorged. Tick bites are not always painful and don’t always result in illness or disease. In fact, many people who are bitten by ticks don’t even feel the bite. However, depending on your unique physiology and the particular tick that bit you, experiences can vary.

Those allergic to ticks can experience redness, swelling, and even breathing difficulties in severe cases. For folks bitten by disease-carrying ticks, symptoms often begin as a red mark or bulls-eye circle around the site of the bite followed by generalized aching and pain throughout the body, muscle tension, fever, and chills. Common diseases caused by ticks include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and tularemia, among others. 

If you are bitten by a tick, be sure to seek medical attention for a proper evaluation as soon as possible.

How To Prevent Ticks In West Chester

There are a few simple things that you can do to prevent ticks from taking over your property.

  • Mow the lawn: Keep the grass trimmed and make sure to trim any shrubs, bushes, or hedges that are overgrown.

  • Clean the yard: Rake and remove dead leaves, leaf piles, sticks, and other natural debris accumulating in your yard. Move wood piles to a dry, covered area to discourage rodents that carry ticks.

  • Create a barrier: You can deter ticks by installing a barrier of wood chips or gravel around the perimeter of your property. Installing fencing can also help keep wildlife from bringing ticks and other parasites into the yard.

  • Rearrange furniture: Keep any lawn furniture or playground equipment away from the edge of the property if bordered by woods. Try to keep lawn furniture and playground equipment in areas that receive lots of sun.

The best thing you can do to eliminate ticks from your West Chester property is to get in contact with the experts at Masters Touch Pest Solutions. Right now, when you sign up for a seasonal one-year agreement, you’ll receive your first treatment absolutely free. Call or message us today to schedule your free estimate!

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