How To Keep Damaging Moths Out Of Your Closets In West Chester

March 19, 2021

While there a number of pests here in West Chester that are capable of inflicting damage on your property, not many are as destructive to fabrics as clothes moths. In fact, clothes moths can be so destructive to clothing and fabrics that many people think all moths are capable of destroying their clothes. Given how destructive clothes moths can be, it is important for you, as a West Chester homeowner, to know what you can do to limit your exposure to these destructive pests. Furthermore, in the unfortunate circumstance that you find yourself dealing with a clothes moth infestation, you need to know the effective moth control solutions you can count on to get rid of it. 

a cloth moth on wool

What Does A Clothes Moth Look Like?

Clothes moths grow to be about ¼ of an inch long. They have two pairs of wings, both of which are tan in color. Although you are more likely to spot clothes moths in your home than their larvae, it is actually the larvae (caterpillars) that feed on clothing. However, spotting the adult clothes moths is a good sign to tip you off to an infestation in your West Chester home. 

Other signs of a clothes moth infestation include silky tunnels found in wool products, excessive shedding from furs, and sand-like material (the same color as the fabric) appearing on clothes or other fabrics. If you notice any of these signs, contact the professionals right away for assistance, or else the various fabrics in your home stand to become even more damaged.

What Types Of Fabric Are Clothes Moths Attracted To?

While you probably don’t want any of your clothing, or other household fabrics, to be damaged or destroyed, clothes moths are, in fact, more attracted to certain fabrics than others. Fabrics that clothes moths prefer include wool, silk, cashmere, and other animal hairs and furs. Due to their small size, clothes moth infestation can go unnoticed for quite some time. As such, it important to be on the lookout for the aforementioned signs of an infestation.

What Are Some Ways To Prevent Clothes Moths?

The best method for limiting your exposure to clothes moths is to make the various areas of your home less hospitable to them. This includes proper storage of fabrics and cleaning regularly. To keep your clothes safe from clothes moths, you should:

  • Move clothes around regularly as moths hate both movement and light.
  • Keep an eye on sweaters and wool that cannot be washed to ensure they are not being eaten.
  • Launder all clothes that permit it.
  • Keep fabric storage areas clean, including closets, drawers, chests, and armoires.
  • Store clothing and other fabrics that you aren’t regularly using in vacuum-sealed containers.

Even with the proper preventative measures in place, you could still find yourself dealing with a clothes moth infestation in your West Chester home. Should this be the case, contact the professionals at Masters Touch Pest Solutions for assistance.

How To Eliminate Clothes Moths From Your West Chester Home?

If you are dealing with a clothes moth infestation, don’t worry, the trained pest professionals here at Maters Touch Pest Solutions are here to help. Here at Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we offer quality pest control solutions that you can count on to effectively eliminate any clothes moth infestation with which you are currently dealing. Furthermore, to keep your home protected from infestation all year long, you can also opt for one of our ongoing pest control plans. That way you don’t have to wait for the damage to be done before you address a pest problem. Don’t let clothes moths destroy the fabrics in your home. Give us a call to get started.

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