How To Keep Grain Beetles Out Of My West Chester Pantry

July 4, 2022

These summer nights can be invigorating. They give a lot of us the energy to cook new dishes. But when you open your kitchen pantry, you might be forlorn to see something that you didn’t buy at the store: grain beetles. These bugs can infest kitchens, and the West Chester pest control specialists at Masters Touch Pest Solutions want you to know how to protect your food supply.

saw toothed grain beetle

Where Are Grain Beetles Found?

Grain beetles look for fungi to eat. Usually, they find the mold they’re looking for on grains, leading them to infest areas like farms, but they’re also no stranger to kitchens. They're also often found in pantries and bathrooms as well.

These types of beetles have flat bodies that allow them to crawl through cracks and find their way into surprising locations. They live all throughout the country, and so there’s a chance you’ll see these beetles in your West Chester property. They do not spread disease, but they can become a nuisance in late summer months.

What Are Grain Beetles Attracted To?

Solving beetle problems starts with knowing the enemy. These insects invade areas where fungi or grain is abundant. This means moisture and food that isn’t properly stored can entice them. Moisture may contain spores of fungi that we won’t see, but the bugs will still like it. Grain beetles are attracted to:

  • Spices
  • Foods like cereal, macaroni, cake mixes, cat and dog food, chocolate, dry food products, and cookies
  • New homes
  • Sawdust piles
  • Leaky pipes

New homes have a lot of moisture in the wood, so the first two years after construction draw in grain beetles more often. At Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we’ve seen a few cases where these beetles were centered around old spices. Spices can go unused in a kitchen, and these are a major attraction for these scavenging insects. 

Why Are There Grain Beetles In My Pantry?

Pantries are a prime spot to find these unwanted guests. Grain beetles can find what they’re looking for if it’s left exposed to the air. They may have entered through the slightest cracks in your house, brought in by the moisture between the walls at first. When they discover grain-based or dry foods, they can lay their eggs and invite more friends.

Even a seemingly tiny spill of spices or grains can get them to find larger supplies of food that aren’t in containers with an airtight seal. Grain beetles in West Chester might also find their way to a pantry from another location in the house. Bathrooms are another popular spot because of the potential to find many a fungal spore. 

How Can I Remove All The Grain Beetles In My Kitchen Pantry For Good?

Once grain beetles find what they’re looking for, they’ll set up shop without any shame. You’ll likely find them in a box of flour or biscuit mix you haven’t opened in months. If you want to remove and prevent further grain beetles:

  • Investigate all food in the pantry and throw away anything infested or suspect.
  • Check under, around, and in spice racks. 
  • Clear out all cabinets and vacuum shelves. 
  • Store grains and dry foods in airtight bags, sealed containers, or in the freezer. 
  • Use a dehumidifier.
  • Ventilate bathrooms during and after showers.
  • Keep crawlspaces dry.
  • Make sure the attic is ventilated. 
  • Trim or remove all overhanging tree branches or other bridge-like greenery close to the house.
  • Clean up food spills promptly every time. 

Grain beetles don’t cause food-borne illness, but they can become a bother if they continue to reproduce in your house. Eradicating beetles can be difficult. If you’re dealing with a grain beetle infestation or any other pest predicament, the professionals at Masters Touch Pest Solutions can help. We’ve been working in the pest control industry for thirty years and can tackle any pest, any season. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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