How To Keep Mice Out Of Your West Chester, PA Home

November 20, 2021

Spotting a mouse scurrying across the floor can be quite a shock. You do everything you can to keep a clean and tidy home, but despite your best efforts, you’ve still got pesky rodents infesting your property. But as troublesome as mice can be, you can effectively keep mice out of your West Chester home with the right approach.

a house mouse crawling on a loaf of bread

About House Mice

Along with ants, flies, and spiders, house mice are among the most common pests to infest homes in the United States. These small rodents can be stealthy, and you are likely to notice signs of activity before actually seeing a live mouse. The average house mouse is just 2 to 4 inches with a 3- to 4-inch tail. House mice have gray fur with a white underbelly and can be distinguished from rats by their pointed snouts.

These rodents are called “house mice” because they are highly dependent on human beings for food and shelter. Your yard may offer seeds, nuts, and fruit, while your pantry has nearly unlimited snacks for mice to munch on. Any unprotected food will be taken advantage of by these pests. As the weather turns cold, house mice are likely to overwinter in your walls.

The Problem With House Mice

Although house mice are some of the tiniest mammals in the U.S., the problems they cause can be gigantic. House mice can be surprisingly dangerous to your health. They are known to spread hantavirus and salmonellosis through their droppings and may even trigger asthma. Rodents like house mice may also carry parasites that can cause diseases of their own. Typhus can be contracted from fleas, and ticks carried by house mice can spread Lyme disease.

House mice are also highly destructive pests. They will compulsively chew up cardboard boxes, wooden materials, plastic, and even brick. These rodents can ruin your personal belongings and damage the structural elements of your home. House mice may even chew through electrical wires and cause a fire.

And despite the phrase “quiet as a mouse,” these pests can be incredibly noisy. They can easily interrupt your peaceful sleep with loud scratching, squeaking, and gnawing sounds.

House mice are difficult to keep out of your home because they can exploit even the smallest holes and cracks to squeeze their way in. The average house mouse only needs an opening about the size of a nickel to crawl through. They have a natural instinct to seek shelter and will inevitably find their way indoors.

How To Prevent House Mice

House mice can be a severe problem for homeowners. But just a few simple adjustments around your property can significantly reduce the risk of attracting these annoying pests. You can prevent house mice from infesting your West Chester home by:

  • Preventing entry – Inspect the exterior of your property for any cracks or openings, no matter how small. Stuff holes with steel wool and patch larger openings with metal lath or metal plates.
  • Disposing trash carefully – Don’t let trash accumulate indoors. Keep trash bins covered at all times and placed at least 20 feet from the home. Switch to metal bins if possible to prevent rodents from gnawing their way in.
  • Cleaning often – Simply cleaning floors, carpets, countertops, desks, and tables regularly can help prevent all sorts of pests.
  • Storing food safely – Keep any perishable pantry foods stored in sturdy metal or glass containers with locking lids.

Once a mouse infestation is in full swing, it can be almost impossible to eliminate on your own. So, if you’ve got mice in your West Chester home, contact the pros at Masters Touch Pest Solutions to take care of the problem with our effective rodent control services

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