How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your West Chester Home

September 10, 2021

If you’ve noticed some unwelcome guests that don’t want to leave, you may want to learn how to keep spiders out of your West Chester home. Unfortunately, sweet literary images that conjure up thoughts of Charlotte and her web rarely match the reality of scary arachnids scurrying along home floors.

house spider on a rock

Common West Chester Area Spiders

Various spiders may be found in this part of Pennsylvania. While most of these creepy crawlies don’t pose much of a threat, there are a few to look out for in West Chester.

Nuisance Spiders: Although harmless, the following types of spiders may still not be a welcome sight in the home.  

  • House spiders are small and brown with striping.  Our experts at Masters Touch Pest Solutions don’t just remove the many webs these spiders create; they also eliminate house spiders and their eggs.  

  • Cellar spiders, also known as “daddy longlegs,” have noticeably long legs, small bodies, and coloring is usually observed in muted tones of yellow, gray, or brown.  

  • Jumping spiders have compact bodies and come in black, gray, and brown but can also have markings in shades of green, blue, red, or yellow.  As the name suggests, these spiders are avid jumpers.

  • Wolf spiders can be found in varying shades of brown, have a fuzzy appearance, and move very quickly.  

Harmful Spiders: Being bitten by one of these spiders may prove dangerous to homeowners. 

  • Female southern black widow spiders are black and exhibit a red hourglass shape on the belly, while males may have pinkish spots and a lighter-colored body.  Although bites from this spider are not all that common, they can be painful and cause fever, nausea, sweating, and escalated blood pressure.

  • The Mediterranean recluse is a small brownish spider that can cause pain, lesions, fever, chills, and swelling with just one bite.

While not as common in West Chester or as toxic as its southern counterpart, the northern black widow is black, but the red hourglass may be faint or divided on the abdomen.  

Addressing Spider Problems In Your Charlotte Home

Wondering how to keep spiders out of your West Chester home? Preventing a home spider infestation can begin by eliminating food.  These creatures need a constant food source, and if they can’t find it in one place, they will move along. Pro Tip: Eliminate bugs from the home to keep spiders away.

Spider Prevention Tips

  • Lock It Down:  Keep food sealed in containers that close tightly to avoid attracting pests, which can, in turn, attract spiders. Ensure trash is stowed in receptacles with lids that snap or lock shut. 

  • Clean: These creatures can often seek refuge in garages, basements, and barns because they are less populated and offer plenty of clutter.  Remove excess clutter, stick to a cleaning routine, and stay on top of web removal.

  • Handle Moisture: Spiders are like other pests in their need for water.  Adding a dehumidifier in the basement can help control excess moisture.

  • Tidy The Exterior: Spiders love a messy woodpile.  Organize wood piles into neat rows in firewood racks away from the house. Keep shrubs near your residence neatly trimmed, remove cobwebs from doorways, and continuously check for possible entrance points.

  • Deny Entry: Discourage the first entry point by ensuring cracks in and around the property are sealed with caulk.  Use weatherstripping and frequently check screens to ensure they are secure. 

Solving Spider Issues With Help From The Experts At Masters Touch Pest Solutions

The most effective solution is calling reliable professionals when it comes to keeping spiders out of your West Chester home. Trust us at Masters Touch Pest Solutions; we specialize in solving home spider problems. Reach out to us today about how we can eliminate spiders and the pests they hunt. 

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