Is It Really Dangerous To Have Roaches In My House In Chester Springs?

January 1, 2023

There are pests out there that are not especially concerning when found in relatively small numbers, but unfortunately, when it comes to cockroaches, one is already too many.

If you have spotted a cockroach in your home, it is time to understand if it means you have an infestation, discover if it is dangerous to have them in your home and get educated on the factors that attract them in the first place. If you are struggling with a cockroach infestation, Masters Touch Pest Solutions provides pest control in Chester Springs that you can rely on to completely eliminate them.

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Does Seeing One Cockroach Mean I Have An Infestation?

The quick answer is that seeing one cockroach does not mean you have an infestation. One can attract more, and if you are dealing with a pregnant female, many more cockroaches will appear, which can also reproduce after about four months. When cockroaches die, they often attract new ones by releasing oleic acid, signaling the presence of food, and this might also cause other pests to invade.

If you suspect you might be dealing with a cockroach infestation, you might want to know how dangerous it is to have them in your home.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Roaches In My Home?

Having roaches in your home is dangerous because they are an unhygienic pest that can contaminate food and spread allergens in the air. If cockroaches are in your home, you are at higher risk of gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea and vomiting, as well as fever, asthma, and allergies.

If you see signs of cockroaches in your home, now is the time to learn what is attracting them to your property.

What Is Attracting Cockroaches To My House?

There are many reasons why cockroaches have moved indoors. They can include:

  • Food: Keeping food stored safely away and regularly inspecting your pantry can get cockroaches to move out of your home.
  • Shelter: If cockroaches are trying to find shelter, and the structure of your home isn’t sound, they might use various entry points to come indoors.
  • Water: Cockroaches need water to survive, and they can hide in stagnant water where they can hold their breath for almost 45 minutes. It is crucial that you fix leaks and make sure all drains are functioning properly.

Like many other pests, you can deter cockroaches by cutting off their access to food, water, and shelter. Additionally, the best way to eradicate them quickly is to combine your efforts with the help of a professional pest control company.

How Do I Get Rid Of Roaches In My House Fast?

The best way to kill cockroaches is to have a professional pest control company eradicate an existing infestation and show you how to prevent a new one from returning using our advice and the cockroach control prevention tips previously discussed.

At Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we specialize in cockroach pest control in Chester Springs with various options tailored to your unique needs and situation. Contact us today for a free quote and to schedule a home inspection. During your consultation, you will discover why our award-winning team of specialists is among the highest-rated in the state. 

Cockroaches are unhygienic pests that can cause anything from allergies to illnesses that can be dangerous if left untreated. You deserve to feel safe in your home and have your infestation taken care of with safe and affordable cockroach control products. Give us a call, and experience professional pest control with a personal touch.

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