Simple Carpenter Bee Guide For Everyone In Downingtown

March 17, 2023

Have you ever had a run-in with a bee? Some people are mortified by these pests and do everything in their power to avoid interacting with them. Some people have an allergy to bee venom that makes them extra afraid. Today we will be talking about the least harmful yet most destructive species of bee in our area, the carpenter bee. If you want to learn more about carpenter bees in Downingtown and the problems they cause, here is what you should know. For fast services to remove these pests from your home, call Masters Touch Pest Solutions and ask our team about our services. We will offer some options for pest control in Downingtown and find one that best meets your needs.

carpenter bee guide

What Kind Of Damage Can Carpenter Bees Cause In Downingtown?

Carpenter bees are destructive. They are not, however, as destructive as their wood-destroying competitors. Carpenter ants and termites cause much more damage to the homes they infest. This is for a few reasons. To start, carpenter bees only make singular holes in sun-damaged wood. These holes are about ½” wide and extend into wood anywhere from several inches to several feet. If enough holes form in a certain area, the damage will become more difficult to repair. Compare this to termites that constantly chew through wood creating sprawling tunnels, and you can see the difference in damage threat. To make sure your home is not at risk of carpenter bee damage, you should consider putting in place some form of prevention. We will talk more in a bit about some DIY and professional options to combat these destructive local insects. 

Signs Of Carpenter Bee Activity In Downingtown

Before we talk about carpenter bee removal, we think it is important that you know how to identify these pests around your home and property. Let's start by answering the question, what does a carpenter bee look like? These plump insects are ¼ to 1” long and have two wings, a smooth black abdomen, and a hairy thorax with a smooth black dot in the middle. Looking for these pests around your property is a good way to identify an infestation. Another way to identify these pests is with the signs they leave behind. The most common sign is ½” wide holes drilled into structural wood. You might find these holes on the side of your porch, under eaves, in wooden shake roofs, inside furniture, and on decks. If you do not feel comfortable checking your property for these stinging insects, let our team do it for you. We will send a technician your way to look for signs of carpenter bees and inform you of what they find.

Carpenter Bee Prevention Tips For Everyone In Downingtown

When trying to deter carpenter bee nests on your property, it is important to reduce factors that draw these pests in. To help break things down today, here are five amazing tips and tricks to start with.

  1. Reduce the number of flowers and other flowering plants around your property.
  2. Identify and repair structural wood inside and around your home that is weathered by the sun. These areas are where carpenter bees want to build their nests.
  3. Seal gaps, cracks, and holes around your home’s exterior, especially areas of exposed wood. This will make finding a place to build a nest harder for carpenter bees.
  4. Fill in unoccupied holes using some silicone caulk. This will deter carpenter bees from returning to these abandoned nests.
  5. Pick up boards, beams, and other scraps of wood around your yard. Carpenter bees are quick to use these items for nesting.

If you are dealing with an existing infestation on your property, the best option you have is to get rid of carpenter bees professionally. We offer comprehensive services at Masters Touch Pest Solutions if you need a quick answer to these problematic pests.

When You Need To Consider Professional Carpenter Bee Control

Noticing holes in your home’s structural wood and carpenter bees on your property is a good indication of an active problem. To handle these pests properly, bring in our team of professionals. We will determine where these pests are hiding and utilize carpenter bee treatments to address the problems you are facing. 

Contact our team at Masters Touch Pest Solutions to talk about our home pest control options. One of our friendly team members will answer questions you might have and help you schedule a treatment visit for your Downingtown home and property. 

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