The American Roaches In West Chester Can Be Tough To Root Out

July 8, 2022

One of the main allures of West Chester, PA, is that it truly has four seasons. The summer is no exception, but with such distinct seasons come distinct pests. The West Chester pest control experts at Masters Touch Pest Solutions know that summer is the time of one of the most infamous infesters: the American cockroach.

american cockroach in the kitchen

What Do American Cockroaches Typically Look Like?

American cockroaches are as distinct as the summer season. Their creepy scuttling and twitching antennae can send chills down homeowners’ spines. Physically, American cockroaches:

  • Are dark brownish-red
  • Have two long, thin antennae
  • Have six spiky jointed legs
  • Can have a tinge of yellow outlining the edges of their body
  • Have two lobes of exoskeleton that look like a yellow figure-eight
  • Have two long wings that are rarely used

These scavengers tend to come out hours after darkness falls, so spotting them might be difficult. If you see one, they may skitter away into dark corners. Luckily, they are not prone to biting, and their bite doesn’t carry any medical problems with it. They can, however, carry illness-causing pathogens with them that they pick up as they move through unsanitary environments and then deposit in your home.

What Makes American Cockroaches Want To Come In My Home?

These insects will find their way into many homes over the summer. While most believe cockroaches are a sign of unclean homes, there are several reasons they invade living spaces.

  • Cracks in walls, vents, or gaps between structures
  • Moisture from leaking pipes, faucets, or drains
  • Damp spaces like basements or attics
  • Food crumbs
  • Cardboard, which they eat
  • Hiding places in the yard, such as thick vegetation, leaves, or wood piles

Cockroaches seek out food, water, and shelter. They eat pretty much everything, from leather to human hair, soap bars to food crumbs. Since they like moisture, they often sneak in through drains or basements.

Can American Cockroaches Infest My Home?

American cockroaches are highly capable of infesting homes. They congregate and reproduce new generations rapidly. If you've found one cockroach in your apartment or home, it could be a serious harbinger. Other signs of cockroach infestation are:

  • Droppings
  • Unusual stench
  • Smear streaks
  • A cockroach egg sac in your home
  • Shed skin

Roaches normally set up nests in warm and humid environments. Prime spots for a cockroach nest are the bathroom or behind appliances in the kitchen. They will try to get close to their food and water supplies, while still being hidden from plain sight.

How Can I Get Rid Of The American Cockroaches In My House?

If your house has any level of roach infestation, we recommend taking immediate action. These insects can contaminate food with the pathogens they carry, resulting in illnesses that can be quite serious. To keep cockroaches out of your home, try the following steps:

  • Seal all cracks and entry points so roaches don’t keep coming in.
  • Thoroughly clean up all spills and crumbs.
  • Fix any leaky or dripping fixtures, including faucets, showerheads, and under-sink pipes.

DIY cockroach control methods fail to address an entire infestation, and these pests are becoming resistant to many over-the-counter pesticides, so baits and traps usually prove ineffective. The root of a cockroach problem stems from the location of the nest and their incessant spawning. Roaches can get tricky if their numbers and locations are high.

The professionals at Masters Touch Pest Solutions pride ourselves on constant advancement, critically strategizing new techniques against all the pests West Chester can throw at us. We provide multi-certified pest control service and free same-day estimates. Reach out to us. We’d love to help.

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