The Best Way To Deal With Carpenter Ants In West Chester

May 4, 2022

If you are into 18th and 19th architecture, West Chester, Pennsylvania, has over 3,000 buildings built before the War for Independence. The Chester County Historical Society has a museum and library dedicated to documenting the county's history. Historical buildings in West Chester are not the only old thing in the area. Carpenter ants have been making a pest of themselves for a long time, making pest control in West Chester vital for preserving both ancient and new buildings.

carpenter ant on a board

Identifying A Carpenter Ant Infestation In West Chester

Signs of a carpenter ant problem are pretty evident as they tend to be larger than other ants crawling around West Chester. In addition to a carpenter ant's size, other identifying characteristics help property owners identify them.

Four identifying attributes of a carpenter ant include:

  1. They measure between 1/2 to 5/8 inches long.
  2. Black is a standard color; however, they can be completely brown, red, or a combination of rusty orange and black.
  3. They are oval-shaped with six legs and a segmented body.
  4. They have antennae.

Identifying ants is essential once signs of a carpenter ant infestation become evident. Being armed with helpful identifying information will help ant pest control professionals hit the ground running when developing removal and future protection plans.

Find Out How Carpenter Ants Are Getting Into Your West Chester Home

Carpenter ants in West Chester need moisture to survive. While they typically build their nests outside, they will move inside to find a water supply when theirs dries up. If conditions around your property are optimal, they will invade.

Five ways carpenter ants access your property include:

  1. Accessing cracks around windows and doors
  2. Using gaps around electrical wires coming into the property
  3. Using gaps around plumbing that comes into the property
  4. Walking on overhead cables that are attached to buildings
  5. Using outdoor tree limbs/bushes to get into small spaces around the building

Since carpenter ants have so many ways to access your property, it is wise for property owners to set up well-thought-out roadblocks. An essential roadblock includes help from ant pest control professionals.

Call The Professionals

Even when homeowners install preventative measures around their properties, they can't always guarantee that they will work. That is why Masters Touch Pest Solutions are the best way to get rid of carpenter ants on your property. We are experts at detecting weak spots in your property's defenses and fixing them. Our ant control solutions include free estimates and a personalized pest protection plan that offer pest-free guarantees between services. Call Masters Touch Pest Solutions today for expert solutions regarding carpenter ants on your property.

Prevention Is Best

Carpenter ants are most attracted to properties with moist, wet, and decayed wood; however, they can tunnel through dry wood to establish their nests. Because these pests can affect your building's structural supports, it is wise to institute some basic preventative measures.

Eight ways to proactively protect your property include:

  1. Removing standing water from around your property
  2. Using dehumidifiers in moisture-prone areas
  3. Keeping gutters, downspouts, and flashing in good repair
  4. Fixing plumbing issues with water pipes, showers, appliances, and bathtubs
  5. Using silicone-based caulking around gaps, cracks, and small openings
  6. Removing debris (especially wood) from around your property
  7. Trimming bushes to keep them from brushing against buildings
  8. Trimming branches that overhang or touch buildings

Taking proactive steps to prevent carpenter ants is a step in the right direction; however, you may still find yourself dealing with carpenter ants at some time. It's always best to reach out to the experts at Masters Touch Pest Solutions for ant control solutions that will keep them away.

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