The Best Way To Keep Spiders Out Of Your West Chester Home

November 7, 2022

Everyone loves spiders, right? In our experience, this is far from the truth. Most people have a fear of spiders and want absolutely nothing to do with these pests. This does not stop these local arachnids from invading homes, however. If you want a simple way to keep spiders at bay, here is a helpful prevention guide for your West Chester home. If you are more interested in professional pest control in West Chester call our team at Masters Touch Pest Solutions. Let us show you how easy it is to control pest problems when you have experts on your side. 

brown recluse spider on rock

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Spiders

West Chester is home to more than a few spiders. Some of the most common spiders in our area are the funnel weaver spider, the orb-weaver spider, the sac spider, the wolf spider, and the prowling spider. Seeing that there are so many different types of spiders in our area, we find it helpful to break them down into two main categories; web spiders and ground spiders. Web spiders typically have thinner legs, smaller bodies, bulbous-shaped abdomens, and are capable of spinning intricate webs to catch their prey. Ground spiders have wider bodies, thicker legs, and forward-facing eyes and utilize their speed and agility for hunting insects, arthropods, and even other arachnids from the ground. If you have trouble identifying these pests indoors, consider scheduling your home for a complete pest inspection. This is just one of many comprehensive offerings at Masters Touch Pest Solutions. 

Some Spider Bites Are More Dangerous Than Others

There are two kinds of spiders we have not mentioned yet. This is because they are less common in West Chester. This does not, however, mean that they are any less of a problem. These two pests are more dangerous than all other local species combined. They are known as the brown recluse and the black widow. Brown recluses have potent venom that causes necrosis. In other words, their bites are incredibly painful. What makes things worse is that brown recluses are often mistaken for other common harmless spiders. The best way to identify this pest is by its brown body, forward-facing eyes, and the backward violin-shaped mark behind its head. The black widow is easier to identify. It has a large, black, bulbous abdomen with a red hourglass-shaped pattern on its underside. This pest has a potent venom that can cause neurological problems. If either of these dangerous spiders bites you, seek medical attention to avoid severe symptoms. 

Six Simple And Effective Spider Prevention Tips 

To keep spiders out of your home, you need some form of preventative measures. Here are six simple and effective exclusion tips to start with. 

  1. Repair damage to exterior windows and doors.
  2. Make sure your home’s exterior foundation is properly sealed.
  3. Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  4. Fix damage to screens.
  5. Repair or replace damaged weatherstripping.
  6. Turn off exterior lights at night.

For more help with spider prevention consider hiring our team at Masters Touch Pest Solutions.

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Spider Control Solution

Spiders like invading local homes. Our goal is to make your living areas inaccessible to these pests. We will pay you home a visit and implement fast-working treatments to eliminate existing pest problems and prevent future invasions. It is that simple. 

Contact Masters Touch Pest Solutions today to learn more about our spider control options and find a time to have your West Chester home treated for these problematic pests.

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