The Best Way To Keep Your West Chester Business Pest-Free

January 15, 2022

If you are looking for a historic community, small-town charm, and quaint shops and stores, West Chester, Pennsylvania, is the place to settle down. Situated within the heart of Brandywine Valley, this charming town has 59 restaurants and 83 shops. With so many commercial buildings in the area, pest control in West Chester has become essential. Since local pests are no respecter of buildings, West Chester businesses need to be on the lookout for potential problems.

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The Types Of Pests That Like To Invade Businesses In West Chester

Business owners have a lot on their plate. Keeping track of all the responsibilities involved in running a business can be challenging. One challenge that may present itself on a businesses’ doorstep is pest invasions. With so many pests in the West Chester area, companies must keep updated on possible pest invaders.

Five common pests in the West Chester area that invade businesses include:

  1. Stinging insects (bees, wasps, and hornets)
  2. Rodents
  3. Mosquitoes
  4. Termites
  5. Flies

All The Ways Pests Can Damage Your West Chester Business

Any pests that affect your business or your patrons can be problematic. Commercial pest control problems can scare off customers, spoil products, and weaken building structures. Being aware of all the ways pests damage your business is essential.

Problems that pests in West Chester can create for businesses include the following:

  • Stinging insects: These pests build nests in trees, under eaves, in bushes, and within the ground. When nests are disturbed on purpose or inadvertently, it can send these stinging insects into a frenzy.
  • Rodents: These pests have a reputation for short-circuiting wiring (which can cause a fire), ruining stored items, contaminating foods and surfaces, and transmitting diseases. Rodents spread at least seven different types of human pathogens, six kinds of parasitic worms, and over 33 different types of bacteria.
  • Termites: These pests are renown for damaging buildings, sometimes causing severe weakness to the supports that hold your building. Termites chew through wood framing, flooring, structural beams, and wallpaper.
  • Mosquitoes: These pests are carriers of numerous diseases, some of which include: encephalitis, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, West Nile virus, and Zika. 
  • Flies: Most people consider flies a nuisance; however, they also transmit disease and contaminate food. They are known to transfer over 100 pathogens, including tuberculosis, salmonella, and malaria.

The Benefits Of On-Going Pest Services For Your West Chester Business

When discussing commercial pest control services, prevention is always the best protection for businesses. Utilizing year-round protection services offered by Masters Touch Pest Solutions, businesses will receive vigilance and quick remediation of potential pest issues.

Four benefits of commercial pest control services include the following:

  1. It keeps customers and employees protected and happy.
  2. It protects your most crucial investment year long.
  3. It saves time and money.
  4. It keeps pest issues manageable.

Getting set up with a regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance plan allows business owners to relax and deal with the other mountains of issues they face daily. Why “sweat the small stuff” when Masters Touch Pest Solutions can at least take part of the load off your shoulders?

The Pros To Call For The Best Pest Protection For Your West Chester Business

At Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we recognize that businesses are unique, and pest plans need to reflect their specialized requirements. Our company will develop Integrated Pest Management strategies that will address your needs and aid you in keeping your business pest-free year long. Call Masters Touch Pest Solutions today for a free estimate.

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