The Best Way To Protect Your West Chester Property From Termites

January 3, 2022

When you start to notice early-stage termite damage drywall around your house--that's a pest control red flag. If you wait too long to tackle the problem, your West Chester home could be in severe trouble. Termites are a pest that's after your most significant asset - your home. Don't rely on the best do-it-yourself termite treatment to get the job done-eliminate termites from your West Chester property, and hire Masters Touch Pest Solutions to get your full-grown termite situation under control. You'll be so impressed, you'll boast it's the best pest control near me.  

A termite crawling through wood

The Tale of Termites

Termites are known as the "silent destroyers" because they can munch through wood, flooring, and wallpaper. They've been around since the dinosaurs, and they show no signs of disappearing. In fact, before we dive into everything wrong with termites, we're willing to admit there are a few benefits to having these critters on the planet. Termites have a healthy appetite for dead trees. Once a termite eats the wood of a dead tree, that dead tree becomes fertilized soil where new trees and plants can grow. A full-grown termite can also help circulate air through the soil, which allows plants and trees receive water quicker. They're an intricate part of the cycle of life.

Like it or not, but termites are extremely nutritious. Termites with wings have high levels of protein, which makes them a crunchy snack. Even better, termites have little to no anti-nutrients, toxic chemicals, harmful or microbial concerns, making them an excellent food source for a healthy diet. Would you eat some termites as a snack?

Do I Have A Termite Problem In My West Chester Home?

It's no laughing matter when termites with wings surround your home looking for a snack for themselves. We want them in the forest, not munching on your mahogany. Here are some common signs you have a termite problem:

  • Early-stage termite damage drywall signals are a good indicator that these pests are salivating for your shingles! This is when your drywall becomes discolored or starts to droop.
  • You might also see small pinpoint holes in the drywall.
  • Peeling paint is another indicator of a termite infestation.
  • If you knock on wood and it sounds hollow, this may indicate a problem.  
  • Bucking wooden floorboards or loose tiles from the moisture termites leave behind after a meal.
  • Your windows and doors might stick.
  • Swarming is another indicator of a massive infestation. Homeowners sometimes see swarms of termites emerging from their sleep to start new colonies throughout their houses. They might also find piles of termite wings left behind from these little termite babies.
  • Unfortunately, termite problems can go undetected for months! That's why you must have your home inspected annually. If you see these signs around your house, you need a reliable termite treatment to get these buggers away from your wood. Trying the best "do it yourself termite treatment" will only leave you with more damage and a bigger headache. If you try to remove some damaged wood--you might pull down a load-bearing wall that only increases the damage to your home.

Partner With Masters Touch Pest Solutions For Complete Termite Control

The best termite treatment is a professional termite treatment from Masters Touch Pest Solutions. Only professionals like Masters Touch Pest Solutions have the materials needed to get the job done. We'll put a secure border on the perimeter of your home and even set up bait that will send termites back to the colony--efficiently eradicating these pests. All of this equipment is hard to attain without a license and expensive to implement, not to mention the amount of time you'll be spending trying to get the job done yourself. Don't you want peace of mind?

Don't try to tackle your full-grown termite infestation on your own. Call the professionals at Masters Touch Pest Solutions and eliminate termites from your West Chester home for good. You'll save time and have an easy mind knowing these pests are no longer a problem. You won't have to lift a finger--and we'll get every last one of them. You'll be so satisfied you'll be calling Masters Touch Pest Solutions "the best home pest control near me!" Reach out to us today to learn more about our termite control process. 

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