The Secret To Effective Termite Control In West Chester

March 9, 2022

Professional pest control in West Chester is needed to manage termites, who quickly procreate. Moreover, their populations are colossal. Another significant problem is that they aren’t easily detectable. Most wood-destroying insects go behind foundations or lay in soil. You have to be proactive about monitoring. If you wait for evidence of termite damage, it may be too late.

Each year in America, $5 billion is used for termite treatments and restoration. Usually, insurance companies don’t have services for such costs. Get an understanding of the signs of termites inside your house and how you can combat these bugs. Masters Touch Pest Solutions can support you. 

a swarm of termites on the ground

The Lifecycle Of Eastern Subterranean Termites  

White termite larvae emerge from eggs and endure several molting cycles as nymphs. Eventually, they’ll become workers, soldiers, or swarmers. A termite colony on your West Chester property depends on the workers, who mostly dismantle wood. Subterranean ones are white or grayish-white and about 0.12 of an inch long. Yellow-brown soldiers with rectangular heads remain on guard, using their immense mandibles. Reproductive swarmers mate and make nests of active termites. They’re brown, black, or yellow and have wings. In terms of size, they’re ½ of an inch long. Lights pull the focus of these termites, so anticipate having windows and fixtures covered with them. Queens in the colony may live for a decade, while the others will survive for one or two years.

How Termites Silently Destroy Your Home

Active termites can get by you because they’re small and will subtly creep into wood lumps on the ground. They’ll crawl into tiny structural holes as well. All it takes is the violated masses being lifted indoors or employed for construction, and an infestation can start. 

Termites can make bases, floors, and walls dangerously weedy. On top of this, these insects have a negative effect on allergies. Fortunately, they don’t spread disease. In fact, they are a delicacy in parts of the world. From an environmental perspective, they’re a necessity. Them taking wood apart permits the freeing of nutrients for plants and trees.

Signs Of Termites To Watch For Around Your Home

Swarmers in the air are cause for alarm. Other signs of termites inside your house are:  

  • Finding the discarded wings of swarmers
  • Discovering masses of fecal frass in the vicinity of termite holes, mud tubes, and maze patterns
  • Hollow sounding structures
  • Hearing soft noises from behind foundations
  • Paint that is puffing up or shedding
  • Observing that drywall is discolored or drooping
  • Tiles becoming unfastened and floorboards giving in to pressure  
  • Doors and window frames that are fitting tightly

The Secret To Termite Protection You Can Count On

You can’t steer clear of evidence of termite damage with do-it-yourself (DIY) products and commercial insecticides. These options won’t do any better than kill a few bugs on the surface. Furthermore, they aren’t affordable and may be hazardous. The most you should do on your own is:

  • Remove or refurbish wood that is decomposed or ruined.      
  • Have leaks and moisture faults repaired immediately.  
  • Seal gaps in foundations, caulk, and utilities.
  • Put screens on all exterior doors.
  • Cleanse vents and gutters regularly.
  • Place wood and greenery away from the property by at least two feet.
  • Make sure loose wood, like carpentry panels, doesn’t have soil contact.  
  • Trim grass and greenery on a routine basis.

The termite treatments we have at Masters Touch Pest Solutions are industrial-grade, but they’re safe. Our certified technicians will apply Termidor® HE and Trelona®  Advance Termite Baiting Systems. Renewable and transferable warranties and follow-up visits are available. Call us today for a free quote! We can get rid of a termite colony on your West Chester property! 

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