The Secret To Getting Rodents Out Of Your West Chester Home

February 10, 2021

It is almost a rite of passage for new homeowners to have to deal with rodents. If you are lucky and haven’t had to deal with these pests up to this point, great! If you are here today seeking a reliable solution to get an infestation of rodents out of your home, don’t worry. We have everything you need, including one amazing secret to get rodents out of your West Chester home – fast!

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Rodents That Are Common Around West Chester

West Chester is home to a wide variety of rodent species; most prefer to live out in the wild and rarely invade homes. As for rodents that do invade homes, there are only four that live in our area. Here is how to identify each of these pests:

House Mice

  • Size: Six to eight inches long
  • Color: Dusty grey with a cream-colored underbelly
  • Body features: Round ears, round body, red or black eyes, pointy nose, long thinly haired tail

Deer Mice

  • Size: Five to eight inches long
  • Color: Brown with white-colored feet and underbelly
  • Body features: Long round ears, pointed nose, slender body, black eyes, long thinly haired tail

Roof Rats

  • Size: Sixteen inches long
  • Color: Brown with intermixed black hairs and a grey, white, or black underside
  • Body features: Semi-pointed nose, small round ears, long scaly tail, large black eyes, long thin body

Norway Rats

  • Size: Seventeen inches long
  • Color: Brown with scattered black hairs, white or grey underside
  • Body features: Blunt nose, small round ears, black eyes, long scaly tail, plump hind section

Why Rodents Are A Problem Around Homes

There are two main reasons rodents are a problem around homes: they are dangerous, and they are destructive. Rodents pose threats to homeowners with the diseases they carry on and inside their bodies. Some diseases these furry pests carry are transmitted by smaller blood-feeding pests such as fleas and ticks.

In addition to spreading diseases, rodents also destroy property. Using their mostly sharp teeth, they gnaw holes through walls, chew into boxes of food, sever wires within walls, and cause other serious damage around homes. In order to build their nests, these pests will also tear up books, rip insulation out of walls, and damage fabric-covered items.

Steps To Deter Rodents

If rodents are not yet causing trouble for you around your West Chester home, here are a few prevention tips to make sure they stay out:

  • Keep your home clean.
  • Seal your home’s exterior.
  • Address moisture issues.
  • Limit their access to food.
  • Reduce clutter and eliminate debris.

Do Traps Work For Rodent Control?

There are several types of traps that say they “eliminate” rodents. Some are more effective than others; however, our recommendation is to avoid sticky traps and chemical-based sprays and liquid repellants. Instead, use strong snap traps baited with peanut butter. If your home only has a few rodents crawling around, this might solve your problem fast. If you notice no change within a few weeks, it probably means your infestation is worse than it seems.

How A Professional Handles Rodent Problems

If rodent problems are getting out of hand and you would like some help handling these pests around your West Chester home, look to Masters Touch Pest Solutions for help. Our team has the training to handle infestations of all shapes and sizes and the industrial-grade equipment needed to remove rodents from your property fast.

Reach out to our team today to find out more about our comprehensive rodent control options. We will schedule your home for a service visit and send one of our qualified technicians your way ASAP with a solution to whatever pest problem you are up against. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control solutions.

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