The Trick To Getting Rid Of Ants On Your West Chester, PA Property

March 12, 2021

To build a solid defense against any pest, you’ll need to figure out how and why they are coming inside your West Chester, PA home. The answer isn’t always easy to uncover, however. Many insects and creatures reside in places that are difficult to reach, hampering efforts to understand their patterns. Some are hard to see in the first place. Considering this, professional help is often needed. This is the case with ants.

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Believe it or not, ants are a major health hazard. They have illness-causing germs on their skin that will lead to the contamination of food and surfaces. Moreover, several species present additional dangers. Learn more about local subgroups and how to avoid them with Masters Touch Pest Solutions.

What Ants Are Common In West Chester? What Are the Risks?

Carpenter, acrobat and odorous house ants are quite prevalent in the area. Carpenter ants are typically black and a sizable 0.25 to 0.50 of an inch long. You may find some in other shades, such as reddish-black, red, yellow, orange, brown, or tan. As their name hints, these insects ruin wood by making tunnels and nests in it. When they’re outside, they’ll attack trees and logs. Inside, they’ll fixate on foundations. Having hollow walls and discovering stacks of wood shavings are key signs of infestation.

Acrobat ants are brown and about 0.21 of an inch long. They tend to nest in rotting or dead wood, siding, roofing, and insulation. Overhanging tree branches and gaps around utilities and structures are often how they enter homes. Domiciles previously impacted by wood-eating bugs or plumbing issues are especially susceptible to acrobat ants. These pests are strongly attracted to moisture and reproduce very quickly.

Odorous house ants are black or brown and a dainty 0.12 of an inch long. They have a reputation for violating human dwellings. A space with an abundant supply of food, water, and warmth is what they seek. They will target pipes, heaters, carpeting, and paneling. Structural and floor voids will also be a focus. Crushing them will result in the release of a spoiled coconut odor. If you’re bitten by these bugs, moderate pain will occur. Catching just one confirms an infestation.

What Are Ways To Prevent West Chester Ants?

Ant invasions are extremely hard to manage for several reasons. Their colonies are usually tremendously large, and their nests will likely be inaccessible. Many people will rely on “do it yourself” tactics and retail shelf goods to eliminate these pests. They will fail though because most are designed to kill individual ants only. Further, they may be highly noxious or have complex instructions. Instead, take these actions:

  • Seal openings in utility lines, screens and windows, doors, and foundations. Ants can get past small crevices.
  • Put sweeps on all doors that face the outside.
  • Have moisture hitches and leaks repaired. Start with those wetting the wood.
  • Use secure containers for food and trash, including pet meals.
  • Get up food messes right away.
  • Frequently clean your pantry, kitchen, and dishes with detail.
  • Vacuum and take out the garbage regularly.
  • Trim grass and greenery often. Sit plants and flowers two feet from the property.
  • Remove organic debris from the yard.

How Will Masters Touch Pest Solutions Handle West Chester Ants?

We at Masters Touch Pest Solutions have advanced and safe treatments designed to eradicate ant populations for the long haul. They will be applied by experienced technicians licensed by the state. Interior, exterior, and eco-friendly solutions are available and so are recurring visits for ongoing protection. You can choose from one of three comprehensive pest control plans. When you call us today at Masters Touch Pest Solutions, you’ll be offered a free quote. Protect your well-being and home!

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