The Ultimate Guide To Effective Wasp Prevention For Your West Chester Yard

June 3, 2023

Spring is the time of year when wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets start to become active. These stinging insects can be dangerous and potentially damaging to your property if they decide to build a nest in or near your home. Taking preventative measures before the warmer months arrive is the key to effective wasp prevention. A local pest company, like Master Touch Pest Solutions, can help you prepare your home and property with the best prevention techniques.

Working with a West Chester pest control company with experience in wasp prevention and elimination will yield the best results.

wasps on their nest

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Wasps

Common wasps are social insects that live in organized colonies consisting of a queen, workers, and drones. Their habits and behaviors vary depending on the type of wasps you are dealing with. The three most common wasps in West Chester are mud paper wasps, mud daubers, and yellow jackets.

Paper wasps build open-comb nests made of chewed wood pulp. They are omnivorous and feed on a wide variety of insects, fruits, and nectar. Mud dauber wasps build their paper-like cylindrical nests on walls and other surfaces. They are solitary creatures who rarely interact with each other except during mating season. They lay a single egg inside each cell and provision it with a spider they have trapped before sealing the cell shut with more mud. Yellow jackets are known to build nests in trees and shrubs. They feed on sweet liquids such as nectar, sap, and fruit juices, but they also scavenge for food near humans or animals.

Overall, common wasps are social creatures with distinct habits and behaviors that build nests in exposed areas, feed on a variety of insects and sweet liquids, and help control pest populations.

The Reasons Wasps Hang Around Your Yard Can Be A Problem

Wasps in West Chester can be a problem in your yard for several reasons. They are aggressive insects that sting if they feel threatened or perceive danger. Wasps also build nests around the home that can cause damage to buildings and property. Their nests provide a place for them to lay eggs which can result in more wasps living in the area.

Wasps sometimes carry diseases and parasites that can affect humans, pets, and plants, so it is important to be cautious around them. Additionally, wasps feed on other insects, including pollinating insects; if there's an overpopulation of wasps, they can harm your garden or lawn by eating the pollinators.

For these reasons, addressing any wasp infestation in your yard as quickly and efficiently as possible is important. You can accomplish this by contacting a wasp removal service in West Chester for help.

Five No-Nonsense Tips To Prevent Wasps

The following tips are a great place to start to prevent wasps near your West Chester home:

  1. Seal potential entry points.
  2. Eliminate sources of food.
  3. Eliminate standing water.
  4. Plant natural repellents.
  5. Trap wasps before they become a problem. 

If you have noticed an increase in the number of wasps near your West Chester home, take action quickly by engaging professional wasp control in West Chester.

The Secret Total Wasp Control For Your Yard

For those who are looking for an effective solution for wasp removal in their yard, the best place to start is with Master Touch Pest Solutions. We are a local, family-owned business that has provided personalized service plans since 1991. Our highly-trained service technicians use innovative treatment technologies to create pest-specific treatment plans. Contact us today to ask about our family and pet-safe products and methodologies along with learning more about our residential and commercial pest control services in West Chester.

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