Tips For Eliminating Spiders Around West Chester Homes

March 25, 2022

Spiders don’t bring much attention to themselves. They move sleekly and silently. Even the gummy webs they often make are inconspicuous, as they’re generally filmy. These are enough reasons to want spiders away from your West Chester home, but the chief one is their features.

Some of the typical characteristics different kinds of spiders have are lots of eyes, long legs bent at an angle, and oblong bodies. Many also have pointed teeth and venom. Physical reactions to bites fluctuate from person to person. The best thing is to learn about preventative measures for common house spiders. You don’t have to be afraid if you’re prepared. Masters Touch Pest Solutions can assist you in this process with home defense for spiders. 

a house spider crawling on the floor

What Attracts Spiders To West Chester Homes?

If spiders are around, it’s because your property can provide them shelter, food, and water they need. Common house spiders have chevron markings on their extended, yellow-brown bodies. Their skin is white along the stomach. Varying a bit in size, these arachnids are 0.12 to 0.31 of an inch long. Males are usually smaller than their female counterparts. These critters have four pairs of legs.

Gaps in flooring, walls, doors, and windows serve as passageways for spiders. Their settling spots will be in dim zones with little to no traffic, such as a garage, basement, attic, or closet. A few may crawl near ceilings, windows, and fixtures. They use their funnel-like webs for procreation and feeding. Several sacs with many eggs will be created. As for their diet, they munch on pests like insects and rodents. 

Signs Of A Spider Infestation In Your West Chester Home

Sudden waves of spiders hint that they’ve exited a past habitat. Seeing them or their sticky masses are the marks of an infestation. Having recurrent bites on your skin is also a sign. Though different kinds of spiders exist, you can expect the same outcomes with their nibbles for the most part. Of course, pain may be a factor. Localized redness, inflammation, and swelling often occur too. By and large, house spiders are harmless. Headaches and lesions are symptoms to seek medical attention for.

Regarding poisonous spiders in West Chester, black widows are in the region. Their glistening bodies are 0.12 to 0.51 of an inch long. Females have a red-colored adornment on their abdomen that looks like an hourglass. Impactful neurotoxins are in their venom, and these bugs are rare. 

Spider Prevention Tips For West Chester Homeowners

Thankfully, the preventative tactics for poisonous spiders in West Chester are identical to those for the inoffensive species. You have to stay ahead of these pests because of their speedy reproduction. Make a note of these ways to get rid of spiders:

  • Reduce clutter so spiders won’t have places to hide.
  • Scan wood, plants, and storage items before bringing them indoors.
  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery often. Distance plants from the property.
  • Clean your kitchen with detail frequently. Remove garbage and wash your dishes regularly.
  • Dust surfaces, sweep floors, and vacuum rugs.
  • Put food and trash in secure containers.
  • Brush away cobwebs and spider eggs.
  • Patch up openings in foundations, windows, and doors.
  • Replace damaged screens and sweeps.
  • Regulate warmth with a dehumidifier.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In West Chester

At Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we have ways to get rid of spiders that are robust, affordable, and safer than commercial pesticides and “do it yourself” methods. Our treatment options are designed for both the interior and exterior. Try our home defense for spiders today! Call for a free quote! 

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