What Every West Chester Resident Needs To Know About Tick Control

July 19, 2021

The sight of a West Chester tick might be enough to make your skin crawl. But do you realize that ticks pose a serious threat to your health? All too often, people don't realize the true dangers of ticks. Learn more about ticks, tick bites, and the harm they can cause to you. 

a lonestar tick on a human finger

Which Ticks Are Common In West Chester?

In West Chester, there are a few types of ticks that make appearances. The American dog tick is one of the most common ticks to appear on dogs. Typically, these parasites are flat and brown with white patterning. They sometimes feed on human hosts as well.

Meanwhile, blacklegged ticks are more known for feasting on humans. They have soft shells and an orange or brown colored body. Lone star ticks are easier to identify because they have a single silver dot on their back. When compared to blacklegged ticks, these ticks have a more reddish appearance.

Despite the differences between local ticks, they all have similar habits. Ticks wait for hosts to appear and then latch onto the subject. As you brush past a grass or bush, you could end up with a tick climbing onto you.

What Happens When A Tick Bites You?

A tick bite isn't particularly painful. In fact, you won't even feel the tick digging into your skin. You may not notice as the tick sucks your blood and grows larger. However, the tick bite isn't what makes ticks so dangerous.

The danger of ticks comes from the fact that ticks can spread diseases to humans. As vectors of disease, ticks are responsible for spreading disease from one host to another. After a tick bite, you might start to notice some unusual symptoms. Not every bite results in infection or disease, but you need to be cautious when dealing with ticks. Long-term complications can occur.

Symptoms Of Tick Bites

All of the following are symptoms of a tick bite:

  • Bullseye Rash: If you have Lyme disease from a tick, your first symptom could be a bullseye rash. This symptom doesn't always occur but is quite common. Typically, the rash appears at the site of the tick bite within a few days or weeks of the bite. The tick may be long gone by the time you notice a rash.
  • Fever And Muscle Aches: A few weeks after your tick bite, you may develop a fever and muscle aches. It's essential to listen to your body and consult with a doctor. While there could be other causes of your symptoms, one possibility is a tick-borne disease.
  • Facial Paralysis: If you develop facial paralysis, you have a symptom of Lyme disease. At this point, immediate medical attention is necessary. Don't hesitate to get tested for Lyme disease and to receive treatment.

Preventing Tick Bites

If you don't want a tick to spread disease to you or a family member, you need to take measures to keep them away from your property. And the only way to accomplish this goal is to keep out wildlife hosts.

To start, seal up your garbage cans. Rats and mice could bring ticks into your yard when they scavenge for food in your garbage. By using cans with lids, you reduce the chance of these pests coming into your yard. Another useful tip is to maintain your yard. Don't allow your vegetation to grow too thick and mow your lawn frequently.

Use Professional Assistance 

Here at Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we have years of experience with tick prevention. Locally owned and operated our technicians have extensive training and know what it takes to keep ticks away from your property. If you want to learn more about our ongoing regiment, call us today.

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