What It Means If You're Seeing Flying Termites On Your West Chester Property

April 10, 2022

Termites are known as the “silent destroyer” because unlike some other pests that will make their presence known, termites can create nests and whole colonies with almost a million different members right under your nose. If you begin to see flying termite swarmers around your property, they might even be closer than you think. If you have a termite problem, contact Masters Touch Pest Solutions. We provide the most effective West Chester pest control that keeps you safe.

termites and alates swarmers crawling in a wood wall

What Are Flying Termites?

Flying termites that you see are known as termite swarmers. These termite swarmers around your property originate from a nest nearby, and when termite season comes around in the early spring and the nest has reached its capacity, these swarmers will fly away looking to reproduce and start new nests and colonies. This is what can create a termite problem.

There are a few different kinds of termites that can come onto your property, like subterranean termites, Formosan termites, conehead termites, and dampwood termites, and each has different worker classifications. They provide different services to the colony, and swarmers are the future kings and queens of their new nests. Seeing these swarmers does not mean that you have a termite problem, but you are more susceptible to one in the future that might require termite removal. 

Why And When Termite Swarmers Suddenly Appear

These termite swarmers usually come out in the early spring. The different kinds of termites, like many other pests, thrive in warm and moist environments. This is the rainy season, and these swarmers will come out in the night when it is most humid. 

These swarmers will start new nests and while it is slow for them to start, only producing a few eggs in the first year, in the next five to ten years, the new colonies will see the numbers you typically expect from a termite colony. Swarmers in your area do not necessarily mean that you already have a termite infestation, but their presence can indicate that you may have one in the future, or that there is already one very nearby.

Flying Termites Or Discarded Wings Doesn't Mean You Have Termites

Potentially thousands of swarmers will emerge from their colony every year to expand and start new colonies, but only a fraction of those will create full-fledged colonies, and those colonies will not reach mature sizes for many years. Termite swarmers are not always a sign of termites in your home, but they are a sign that termites may be nearby on your property.

If you see swarmers around your property, you should begin to look for other signs of termites in your home to know that you have these pests.

Some other signs that you can look for are:

  • Mud tubes on the exterior of your home
  • Discarded wings around doors and windowsills
  • Uneven and bubbling paint
  • Blistering and darkening wooden structures
  • Softwood that sounds hollow when tapped

None of these alone are indicative of termites in your home, but they do signal that they might be there. If you see any of these signs or if you spot any swarmers, you may want to look into termite removal with the help of the professionals at Masters Touch Pest Solutions.

The Benefits Of Professional Termite Protection For Your Property

At Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we have talented service technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment and treatments to handle any and all pest situations swiftly and effectively. If you think you have termites on your property, we will come and inspect your home and property. We look for conducive conditions and where damage is being done, and from there, we will come up with a specific termite control service plan just for your needs. Typically, we will use a combination of Termidor® liquid treatment and Trelona® termite bait to take care of any active colonies on your property. We have the knowledge and experience to protect you and your property and get you back to living pest-free!,

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