What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In My West Chester Home?

March 15, 2022

Many pests worry people, but ants typically aren’t one of them. The bugs are so small, and they’re such a part of our daily lives that they don’t seem problematic. In actuality, they can cause difficulties. A few species can affect belongings, but all can make you ill with their germs. The bites of odorous house ants in West Chester are known to be painful. Pavement ants in your house can be hurtful, too, in addition to impacting soil. Avenues to get rid of pavement ants naturally won’t work. Professional pest control in West Chester is more sufficient.

Ants are so pervasive because they reproduce rapidly and can get in tiny holes. Find out more about successful ways to eliminate pavement ants and other local subgroups. Masters Touch Pest Solutions can certainly help you. We have advanced ant control solutions.

odorous house ants crawling in a kitchen

What Types Of Ants Invade West Chester Homes?  

Pavement and odorous house ants are pretty common in the area. Ranging in size, pavement ants in West Chester are 0.09 to 0.12 of an inch long. Though they’re black or brown, their outcropping appendages are a brighter tone. Sidewalks and driveways are the main gathering points for these bugs, as are decks and patios. Their name doesn’t leave anything unclear about their nature. What their title doesn’t hint at is their fascination with digging in landscaping. Your lawn may not look very neat if this species is crawling about. Kitchens are their quarters after they’ve ventured indoors. Given their propensity to sting, you’ll have to be on guard with these critters. 

Odorous house ants in West Chester also have a label that isn't mysterious. It’s normal for them to be inside human dwellings, and they smell like putrid coconut when you kill them. The 0.12 of an inch long insects are brown or black as well. Moisture and humidity are particularly attractive to them. They’ll teem around water utilities, heaters, and the like, to be near these elements. You might see swarms of them in structural voids, floor crevices, paneling, and carpeting too. Again, pain is inevitable with their bites, and if you notice these pests, significant populations are undoubtedly present.

Is It Dangerous To Have Ants In My House? 

While odorous house and pavement ants in West Chester come with complications, both can spread illness-causing bacteria. This is the case with every ant because they have microbes on their skin and saliva, and waste. Due to food and surface contamination, contracting salmonella, E. coli,  and similar are possible. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Ants In My House Fast?  

To get rid of pavement ants naturally and adjacent insects, folks will daub these products where the bugs are:

  • Borax
  • Citrus
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Essential Oils
  • Mixed Vinegar And Water

Such approaches can’t push odorous house and pavement ants in your house away. Performing these tasks are more effective:  

  • Close gaps in foundations and utilities.
  • Fix leaks and moisture breakdowns without delay.
  • Check the condition of sweeps and screens; replace them if needed.  
  • Completely clean the kitchen and wash dishes frequently.
  • Vacuum carpeting and remove trash often.
  • Use secure canisters for food and trash storage.
  • Wipe up food messes promptly.
  • Distance wood and greenery from the property.

How Do I Keep Ants From Coming Back To My Home?

If you wish to eliminate pavement ants and other species, you can’t put value into do-it-yourself (DIY) concoctions and commercial insecticides. We at Masters Touch Pest Solutions have interior and exterior home pest control treatments that are affordable, eco-friendly, and powerful. Licensed technicians will apply our ant control solutions. Call today for a free quote!

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