What Should I Do About Carpenter Bees In My West Chester Home?

May 24, 2022

Constantly swatting away bees isn’t something you want to spend your spring and summer doing in West Chester. But with the help of professional pest control in West Chester, you can keep your home and yard free of carpenter bees—for good. 
Carpenter bees can partly damage homes and standalone structures, such as sheds and garages, because they essentially burrow their way into the wood, leaving destruction in their path. Read on to learn about why carpenter bees are around your home and whether carpenter bees eat wood. We’ll also provide methods for eliminating carpenter bees and strategies to keep them from returning. 

carpenter bee on a tree

Why Are Carpenter Bees Around My Home? 

Carpenter bees are most active in the spring and summer months, when they breed. But once they’re up and about, some factors may attract them to your West Chester home. Here are three of them:

  1. Wood that is weathered, worn, unpainted, or unfinished
  2. Flowers, as carpenter bees feed on pollen and nectar
  3. Sweet fruits and sugary foods 

The more access they have to any of these factors, the more likely you will attract carpenter bees to your home.

Do Carpenter Bees Eat Wood? 

While termites feed on wood, eating it from the inside out, carpenter bees don’t. Instead, carpenter bees burrow into wood to create tunnels and nesting areas for their young, and thus the wood becomes a new home for many, many carpenter bees.

How Do I Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees? 

Tackling an infestation of carpenter bees, whether in your home or your yard, can be dangerous. When provoked, carpenter bees sting, with individual bees able to sting a few times in a row. 
Don’t put yourself in harm’s way, especially if it’s isn’t necessary; the professionals at Masters Touch Pest Solutions are here to help!
Masters Touch Pest Solutions is a local and family-owned business serving home and property owners in West Chester and surrounding areas since 1991. We’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality services that keep you and your family, friends, and pets safe.

How Do I Keep Carpenter Bees From Coming Back? 

In addition to ongoing pest control services, there are a few practical steps you can take to keep carpenter bees out of your West Chester home and yard. Consider the following four suggestions:

  1. Fill all abandoned holes caused by carpenter bees. Evidence of carpenter bees can always be spotted by dime-sized holes in wood, such as wooden structures and tree branches. Filling abandoned holes with caulk, steel wool, spray foam insulation, or wadded aluminum foil will prevent them from returning.
  2. Begin using citrus oil. Carpenter bees, like many other pests, such as mosquitoes, despise citrus oil. Boil a few pieces of different citrus fruits in a covered pan, and pour the strained water that’s leftover into a spray bottle. Spray areas where you suspect carpenter bees are hanging out.
  3. Apply almond oil to the wood. Like citrus oil, carpenter bees are repulsed by the smell of almond oil. Spraying almond oil onto wood will help to dissuade carpenter bees from burrowing nests.
  4. Play loud music; if the bees can play, so can you. It’s been said that the vibrations of loud music are off-putting and uncomfortable to carpenter bees. So dance the night away—and don’t forget to check whether they’ve left in the morning.  

Preventative action is the second-best defense against carpenter bees and other pests, but professional pest control services are the first. For help with carpenter bees and other pests, call Masters Touch Pest Solutions today at 610-822-9975.

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