What To Do About Ticks In Your West Chester Yard

May 12, 2022

Connecting with nature, taking strolls through the countryside, and basking in the historical charm of West Chester are just some of the outdoor activities visitors, and residents enjoy. Limiting your backyard pleasure activities doesn’t mean you are safe from ticks in the area. Whether hiking or sipping ice tea in your lawn chair, pest control in West Chester is necessary to keep your family and pets tick-free.

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What Attracts Ticks To Your West Chester Yard

What you have on your property may be just what a tick needs to find its “happy place.” If homeowners are not careful, they can inadvertently provide just the right conditions to attract ticks to their yard.

Eight areas that attract ticks in West Chester to your yard include the following:

  1. Shady areas with a lot of vegetation
  2. Along yard edges
  3. By trails and paths
  4. High grasses
  5. Grassy fields
  6. Yards prone to visits from wildlife
  7. Yard litter (including leaf litter)
  8. Shrubs

Yards provide the perfect opportunity for ticks to hide and wait for a ride into your home; therefore, homeowners must become aware of their favorite hangouts. Homeowners can get rid of ticks in their yards by eliminating their hiding places.

Why You Do Not Want Ticks In Your West Chester Yard

You don’t want ticks in your yard because they bring potential health risks to your pets and loved ones. While not all ticks transmit diseases, finding them on your person or attached to your pet can be disconcerting. Some tick-borne conditions can result in mild fever, chills, aches, pains, and a rash. Others can make people get quite sick, and medical attention may be necessary. 

Five common diseases carried by ticks in Pennsylvania are as follows:

  1. Lyme disease
  2. Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  3. Anaplasmosis
  4. Tularemia
  5. Ehrlichiosis

Since ticks carry certain risks that can affect the people and pets in your home, tick removal is vital. The pest professionals at Masters Touch Pest Solutions have excellent tick control solutions that can help reduce the probability of ticks affecting those you love.

How To Reduce Ticks On Your West Chester Property

The best way to get rid of ticks from your yard is by using a tick removal solution package that provides seasonal tick protection with long-term effectiveness and a service guarantee. Focusing treatments on breeding areas, including the perimeter of your yard, allows Masters Touch Pest Solutions to put a barrier between those you love and ticks looking to hitch a ride onto your property. Our family-owned and operated company has been protecting the residents of West Chester since 1991. Call Masters Touch Pest Solutions today for an inspection, service, and pest-free living.

Tick Prevention Tips

Ticks are hitchhikers; therefore, they can show up on your property at any time. The good news is that homeowners have some prevention techniques at their disposal that can help deter them. Some simple yard maintenance can make the difference when shooting for tick removal.

Seven steps essential for tick protection includes the following:

  1. Keeping a 3-foot-wide barrier (wood chips/gravel) between wooded areas and lawns
  2. Keeping lawns neat and trimmed
  3. Keeping stacked wood off the ground, dry, and neat
  4. Using a fence to keep away wildlife that carries ticks
  5. Eliminating yard debris such as leaf litter
  6. Building outdoor items (patios, playground equipment, decks) away from yard edges and trees
  7. Ensuring brush/tall grasses are at the edge of lawns.

Even after taking all the steps you can to prevent ticks from making their way onto your property, you are still subject to a tick encounter. Homeowners can reduce tick encounters by engaging the services of a pest professional like Master Touch Pest Solutions.

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