What To Do If You Spot Signs Of Termites In Your West Chester Home

October 17, 2022

If you spot signs of termites in West Chester, it is time to act. Termites are secretive insects that often evade detection for months or even years as they wreak havoc on homes. The sooner an infestation is noticed, the less damage it will cause and the less expensive it will be to address. Here's what local residents need to know about spotting the early signs of an infestation, how quickly termites can destroy your home, the limitations of do-it-yourself termite control, and how professional pest control in West Chester can help you eliminate termites and prevent them from coming back. Keep reading to find out the best way to protect your home from termites and the damage they cause. 

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Easy-To-Spot Signs Of A Termite Infestation

Termites are hard to spot pests because they spend the majority (if not all) of their lives beneath the surface. The most dangerous thing about termites is the amount of destruction they can cause without being detected. 

But there are signs of termites you can be on the lookout for, including: 

  • Mud tubes on exterior walls
  • Doors and windows that become hard to open or shut
  • Discolored drywall
  • Peeling paint resembling water damage without a moisture source
  • Small pinpoint holes
  • Loose tiles or squeaky floorboards
  • Termite swarms or discarded termite wings

If you notice these or other signs of termites in or around your home, it's important to reach out to a professional pest control company for help with termite control

How Quickly Termites Can Destroy A House

Termites are tiny insects, so the question isn't so much how quickly they can destroy a house so much as how long they can infest your home before you realize the damage that is occurring beneath the surface. Termites themselves may be small but they work together in colonies that can house tens of thousands of individuals, all working nonstop 24/7 to chew their way through your home. But the real danger is how silently they do this work. Often termite infestations can grow within a home for years without being noticed. 

A medium-sized colony of 60,000 termites can eat through a foot of two by four in just five months. No small feat for a band of tiny insects. On average, it takes three to five years for termite damage to be detected, allowing for the destruction of several feet of structural material in the interim. 

Do-It-Yourself Termite Control Can Do More Harm Than Good

There are things you can do to minimize the chances that termites will infest your home. These include minimizing water build-up, replacing moisture-damaged wood, storing wood piles away from your home, and eliminating wood-to-soil contact. Working to prevent termites in conjunction with annual termite inspections is a great place to start, but if termites have already made their way inside your property, it's time to call the professionals. 

Termites cause more than five billion dollars worth of property damage each year. In most cases, this damage is not even covered by homeowners insurance. When your home is being eaten from the inside out, there is no time for half measures. Pest professionals understand the biology and behaviors of termites. We can locate signs of a problem, identify nesting areas, and effectively treat termite infestations so that the damage to your home doesn't continue. Most DIY termite solutions do not address the root of the problem, and while you may notice a temporary decline in population, termite colonies will simply rebuild within your walls and continue their destruction.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Termites On Your Property

If they are already in your home, the best way to get rid of termites is with professional pest control help from Masters Touch Pest Solution. Our certified professionals will provide you with a free inspection and customized treatment options for your home. 

We can use high-quality liquid Termidor®HE to treat the perimeter of your home, providing a continuous barrier of protection to prevent termites from moving inside. This treatment is so effective it comes with a one or five-year renewable and transferable warranty.

Technicians from Masters Touch Pest Solutions can also provide the Trelona® Advance Termite Baiting System to eliminate current infestations and prevent future termites with the same warranty options.

Call today to schedule an inspection for your West Chester home or to find out more about our termite service plans.

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