Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes In My West Chester Yard?

May 20, 2022

When visiting the charming town of West Chester, Pennsylvania, be sure to check out the one-of-a-kind American Helicopter Museum. It is the only helicopter museum in the United States and pays tribute to rotary-wing developers who inspired future innovators. Another master of flight also lives in West Chester – the pesky mosquito. With these insects' dive-bombing yards, pest control in West Chester is necessary.

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What Attracts Mosquitoes To West Chester Yards

Barbecues, friends and family, and the warm sunshine shining down – life couldn't be any better! But it could get better if mosquitoes didn't decide to join your outdoor gatherings. Rural areas with swamps, marshes, lakes, and ponds are natural breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Still, other areas (including urban areas) are subject to mosquitoes when they provide the moisture a mosquito needs to breed.

Five potential breeding areas in your yard include the following:

  1. Birdbaths
  2. Standing water on pool covers
  3. Gutters that are clogged
  4. Yard debris that serves as a water reservoir (kiddie pools, tires)
  5. Pooling water in low-lying areas

It is not easy to keep track of potential mosquito breeding locations around your property; it can be overwhelming. That is why prevention measures handled by pest professionals are the most effective way to protect your yard.

What Attracts Mosquitoes To People

Have you ever heard someone say that mosquitoes find them delicious? That statement may be true. There have been scientific studies performed to determine why mosquitoes are attracted to some people more than others. Do mosquitoes love you? Genetic factors and individual choices might be the key.

Six reasons why mosquitoes love you more than others may include:

  1. Sweat and bacteria on your skin produce a body odor (ammonia and lactic acid) attractive to mosquitoes.
  2. Outdoor yard activities expend energy, making carbon dioxide production abundant; mosquitoes hone in on this.
  3. Carrying extra weight (including pregnancy) expends more carbon dioxide.
  4. Some suggest that mosquitoes are attracted to people with blood type O.
  5. Some reports indicate beer consumption attracts mosquitoes.
  6. Mosquitoes appear to gravitate to dark colors.

Studies indicate multiple possibilities as to why mosquitoes gravitate to certain people. Even if there is only a thread of truth to some suggestions, eliminating things you can control only helps limit your exposure.

DIY Mosquito Control Tips

Your yard can be "mosquito-proofed." With some simple fixes, property owners can do much to deter mosquitoes in West Chester from finding their yards attractive.

Five fixes for your yard include:

  1. Cleaning gutters (make sure water flows freely)
  2. Removing yard debris (don't let water accumulate)
  3. Addressing drainage issues around your yard
  4. Removing leaf litter
  5. Mowing and trimming your yard

Three personal measures to take while enjoying your yard include:

  1. Wear mosquito repellent
  2. When outdoors, cover up and wear light colors
  3. Entertain outdoors on windy days (makes it hard for mosquitoes to land)

Even your best efforts at pest control are no guarantee against mosquitoes. The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is by shielding your yard with solutions provided by pest professionals.

Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control In West Chester

Masters Touch Pest Solutions is on a mission to break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes. Our innovative mosquito treatments are the best way to get rid of mosquitoes and keep your yard safe. Our insect growth regulator helps to reduce a mosquito's reproduction rate, and our backpack misters treat highly populated areas. Our company offers one-time treatments for special events and year-round protection services. Contact Masters Touch Pest Solutions today to hear all our options for mosquito control.

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