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Are House Mice In West Chester Hard To Get Rid Of?

mice eating homemade bread

Did you just see a mouse run by in your West Chester, PA. home? These rodents carry disease and can quickly get out of hand. Learn why these creatures are so dangerous to humans and how to get rid of… Read More

Moles In West Chester Can Tear Up Your Yard

mole in a hole

Are moles making a mess of your lawn? These animals burrow down and are hard to spot. Learn why they like your West Chester, PA, yard and what to do to make them leave. Read More

The American Roaches In West Chester Can Be Tough To Root…

american cockroach in the kitchen

Did a tiny shadow scuttle away when you turned on the kitchen light? One cockroach might mean it has friends, or is soon to invite them. Even if your house or apartment is clean, these insects will… Read More

How To Keep Grain Beetles Out Of My West Chester Pantry

saw toothed grain beetle

Did you open your pantry to start dinner and instead you're battling against an ambush of beetles? Grain beetles are known to infest kitchen pantries in West Chester, PA. Find out why and how to… Read More

Guide To Identifying Carpet Beetles In West Chester

carpet beetle crawling on fabric

Carpet beetles may be small but can damage the interior of your home. Your home is a buffet to carpet beetle larvae from clothes to carpets. Follow our guide to help get rid of these pests. Read More

Should I Be Worried About Spiders Around My West Chester…

brown recluse spider crawling on bathroom floor

Spiders are notorious for entering West Chester homes. Unfortunately, certain spiders in the area can pose serious health risks. With proactive measures, Masters Touch Pest Solutions can help keep… Read More


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