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Are Earwigs In West Chester, PA Harmful To Humans?

an up close image of an earwig crawling

An earwig is one of the most strange pests in West Chester, PA. With pointed appendages and an almost slimy-looking body, earwigs have an intimidating appearance. But most people are uncertain whether… Read More

What Every West Chester Resident Needs To Know About Tick…

a lonestar tick on a human finger

The sight of a West Chester tick might be enough to make your skin crawl. But do you realize that ticks pose a serious threat to your health? All too often, people don't realize the true dangers of… Read More

All The Ways You Attract West Chester's Mosquitoes

an up close image of a mosquito landing on a puddle of water

Even though you may not want mosquitoes to come to you, you may be drawing them in. People often inadvertently attract mosquitoes and then wonder why they're being attacked. If you don't want to be a… Read More

How To Keep Hornets Away From Your West Chester, PA Property

a hornet on a piece of fruit

When West Chester, PA home and business owners are shopping for a property, one of the things they’ll consider is the width of the yard. With enough land, you could have parties or gatherings for… Read More

Keeping Centipedes & Millipedes Out Of Your West Chester…

centipede in basement

Centipedes and millipedes are two different species that have many things in common as well as some key differences. In this guide, you’ll learn how to identify these pests as well as how to keep… Read More

How To Keep Ground Beetles Out Of Your West Chester Home

ground beetle

Ground beetles are a common insect in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and they can be annoying to deal with. In this article, you’ll learn some easy, effective tips for keeping these pests out of your… Read More


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