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Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of My West Chester, PA Home?

house mouse crawling in home at night

If there’s one pest you don’t want in your West Chester, PA house, it’s the mouse. These pests might be the cute and cuddly protagonists in many children’s tales, but in real life, they’re a… Read More

Why Carpenter Ants Invade West Chester Properties

carpenter ants destroying wood

Big, black, and very bad, carpenter ants are probably the single most dangerous ant type in the West Chester, PA area. That’s not because they’re dangerous to people, but because they’re… Read More

All The Ways You Could Be Wrong About Termites In West…

termites chewing tunnels

There are a lot of myths when it comes to pests. Mostly, it’s gross or false "facts" like cockroaches surviving nuclear bombs and earwigs laying eggs in your brain. But there are a lot of innocent… Read More

How To Get Rid Of Odorous House Ants In Your West Chester…


Ew, what’s that smell? You squished a pesky ant patrolling your pantry and now it stinks. Well, that funky odor just might mean you have odorous house ants. Odorous house ants are a nuisance pest… Read More

Four Easy & Effective Mosquito Control Tips For West Chester…

Mosquitoes aren’t easy to get rid of. They can travel and breed as they please, and unless you can empty out every single source of still water around your property, you won’t be eliminating your… Read More

Why Are There Earwigs In My West Chester Home?

an earwig on the ground in a house

When many people think about earwigs, they picture the pest crawling into their ears and burrowing down into their brains. This myth about earwigs is simply that, a myth. There’s absolutely no truth… Read More


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