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Carpenter Ant Control: What West Chester Homeowners…

carpenter ant on a log

 What should you know about the carpenter ants in West Chester? We provide everything you need in today’s article.  Read More

The Best Way To Deal With Carpenter Ants In West…

carpenter ant on a board

Is there wood on your property that carpenter ants may find attractive? If you don't know what draws carpenter ants to your West Chester property, it might be time to learn more. Read More

Why Do I Have Carpenter Ants On My West Chester, PA…

a carpenter ant crawling and chewing on wood

Carpenter ants aren’t just big; they’re bad news. While other ants are mostly just a nuisance, carpenter ants can actually cause damage to your home or business. If you’ve been wondering why you… Read More

Why Carpenter Ants Invade West Chester Properties

carpenter ants destroying wood

Big, black, and very bad, carpenter ants are probably the single most dangerous ant type in the West Chester, PA area. That’s not because they’re dangerous to people, but because they’re… Read More


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