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Professional Pest Control Is A Great Idea For Your West…

bed bug crawling on human skin

Is professional pest control in West Chester the best way to deal with invasive species? Learn your options and discover how to stop creatures from invading your home. Read More

How And Why Silverfish Get Inside Your Home And How To…

silverfish crawling in bathroom

Do you know how to deal with silverfish here in Downingtown? Here is everything you should know about these pests and how to deal with an infestation inside your home. Read More

The Benefits Of Professional Pest Control For Your West…

west chester pa pest control

Pest infestations can be overwhelming to deal with alone. You may require professional help to eliminate these pests on your West Chester property. Read More

West Chester, PA Homeowner's Helpful Pantry Moth…

up close image of an indian meal moth crawling in a pantry

It’s probably not a good sign when bugs fly out of your cereal box. You do your best to stop ants, flies, and other pests from infiltrating your kitchen cupboards, but pantry moths can be… Read More

Get the Facts About Earwig Control In West Chester, PA

an earwig crawling on a kitchen counter

Earwigs are occasional invaders of residential properties. Before we go on, we should get this common question out of the way, what do earwigs do in your ear? This is a wives' tale that gave the… Read More

The Weather is Cooling Down in West Chester, PA...What…

up close image of a house spider crawling inside a home

Spiders don't need to seek a warm place to hide, unlike people and other pests that threaten our homes when the weather cold down. This is because spiders have their own antifreeze system and can… Read More

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