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Blow and Bottle Flies

Do They Cause Damage?

These flies breed in human and animal waste, sewage, garbage and dead animals. Disease organisms from these sources can be easily transferred and infect the foods we eat. 

Do I Have An Infestation?

Finding large numbers of these flies in a structure can mean two things. Either they are in a food source within the structure (dead animal, animal waste, rotting garbage, dirty garbage can etc.) or a broken or open drain line, or dry trap, can allow them to enter from septic and sewer systems.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

In commercial settings, insect light traps and baits can be used to help prevent these flies from entering food preparation, storage and public areas. Locating and eliminating breeding source, if inside the structure, is the only way to gain control.  Fly baits are available that can aid in keeping flies from entering structures.

How Can You Help?

Sanitation is critical to preventing sources within buildings. Also keep trash cans and dumpsters clean and as far from the building as practical. Overall building maintenance such as repairing screens, sealing holes and screening vents also helps prevent entry of these flies. Briefly run water in all drains at least once every two weeks.

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