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Carpet Beetles

How to Eliminate Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are another fabric pest whose damage is often confused with Clothes Moths. They damage the same fabrics (wool,silk,etc.), but damage appears as random holes with no white-ish webbing on the fabric. Fecal material is sand-like and takes on the color of the fabric being consumed.

The adult of the Varied Carpet Beetle (our most common) is about 3/16 ” long with a white, black, and orange mottled effect on the top of its body, and usually a light grey underside. Larvae are up to 1/8″ long and tan with brown hairs covering the body. Infestations can go unnoticed for long periods and they often co-exist with Clothes Moth infestations. Like Clothes Moths, a team effort between the property owner and pest management professional is required to solve the problem.

We provide general pest control including Carpet Beetle Extermination services to customers in Chester County, PA, The Main Line, Western Delaware County and Western Montgomery County.

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