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Do They Cause Damage?

No, they do not cause any structural damage, nor do they infest foods or textiles. They are not typically a threat to people. 

Do I Have An Infestation?

Most often, the only sign of a problem is spotting live or dead centipedes. Indoors they can be found in any room but prefer high moisture areas like basements, crawl spaces and bathrooms.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

Modern micro-encapsulated insecticides are effective against the house centipede. Treatments can be applied to the exterior perimeter and to areas of activity, or areas conducive to activity on the interior.

How Can You Help?

Centipedes are usually found in areas of high moisture, outdoors, such as piles of leaf litter, under stones, in rotting logs and under loose bark. Reducing moisture levels can help to reduce centipede activity.

More Information

The House Centipede is carnivorous and feeds on small insects and arthropods. They capture their prey with poison jaws through which they inject a venom.

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