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Clothes Moths

The Clothes Moth is a small ¼ “long moth that is uniformly tan in color. They shun light and prefer to run rather than fly. The larvae of the Clothes Moth prefer to feed on fabrics made of wool, silk, cashmere, or other animal hairs. Damage to fabrics will present with holes and, in the case of the webbing clothes moth, white silk webbing. Fecal material is a sand-like material that takes on the color of the fabric being consumed. 

Because they like dark places, infestations often go unnoticed for long periods. Clothes moths can do significant damage to wool oriental rugs and tapestries. Controlling Clothes Moths requires a team effort between the property owner and pest management professional. Over-the-counter treatments, cedar blocks, and herbal sachets are usually ineffective.

We provide general pest control including Clothes Moth Extermination services to customers in Chester County, PA, The Main Line, Western Delaware County and Western Montgomery County.

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