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Clover Mites

Do They Cause Damage?

They do not cause any structural damage.  However, removing mites from surfaces in the home should only be done with a vacuum as crushing them will leave a red smear/stain. 

Do I Have An Infestation?

Clover mites can enter structures in enormous numbers and are usually found around windows and doors. The Clover Mite is a plant feeder and naturally inhabits lawns. Invasions in Pennsylvania usually occur in April and May, and occasionally in the fall. The majority of calls for this pest seem to come from owners of homes that are less than 6 years old.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

Treatments can be applied to the building foundation and lawn, around windows, doors and other entry points to minimize the number of Clover Mites that enter successfully.

How Can You Help?

Keeping lawns mowed and trimmed short around the foundation can help. Reducing clover (preferred host plant) may have an impact as well.

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